On Chains & Burden: Unforgiveness by Nike Olabiyi

For many years
It layed in the deepest part of me
Making an abode for itself
Eating up my soul for food
Drinking my blood for wine
Rendering me a carcass

The blind part of me
Saw my death
Rushing like sun ready to rise
But the handicap me felt reluctant to push it away

But how long will I hold on to grudges
Unforgiveness has eaten my heart and left my grave opened
Anger has left my mouth throwing harsh words in the air
Piercing that tender heart to death
Malice has made me slave to the devil

Now am locked in a room that only me has the key which is forgiveness
Ignorance won’t just let me open it up
Stubbornness won’t want freedom to have me

Little did I know that
I need death to rise back to life
I need darkness to see the light
I need pain to appreciate pleasure
I need lie to know the value of truth
I need sorrow to have joy
I need fear to embrace courage
I need anger to appreciate forgiveness

How long will I continue living a life like this
Still I refuse to forgive even when it’s a commandment
I have definitely shut down abode of the Spirit
Making it lay outside in the cold
Looking for that glorious day it will come in again

Here is my conclusion.
I need a deliverance

©Nike Olabiyi

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8 thoughts on “On Chains & Burden: Unforgiveness by Nike Olabiyi”

  1. This speaks volumes to me..
    “How long will I continue living a life like this
    Still I refuse to forgive even when it’s a commandment”

    Thanks for sharing this Miss Nike.

  2. Thanks for reading Ma’am. I myself have struggled with the spirit of unforgiveness and I will say it almost shut down my life until God took over.

    Zeo blog thanks for believing in me!

  3. Unforgiveness surely makes us prisoners and blinds us from the beauty of sharing our hearts. Without forgiveness, love and freedom is at the end of the other mile. Thanks for your insights!

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