You have a Father in God

We human being are short sighted but we can see through the eyes of God, His word and His spirit.

You said you saw pain, God said I’m seeing you making a purpose out of that pain.

You said you saw disappointment but God said I’m seeing a door of hindrance being shut so you can meet the right person.

You said you saw delay God said I see your story inspiring and giving hope to those who have given up or are at the verge of giving up.

Maureen, see through my eyes. This is all I kept on hearing one time in my life I felt like I was at a disadvantage and moving at a slow pace. I’m not even going to talk to you like those thoughts don’t come once in a while, or that I’ve overcome them. Instead when they come, I remind myself of these words of Abba just as I’m writing them to you.

I’m like God, some people don’t go through this unnecessary long journey. Why me? Why am I the only child? Why does it have to seem hard?

But I hear God saying, Maureen I wish you can see where all these are leading you to.

So I’m encouraging you today:

No matter how bad it seem. No matter how hopeless the situation might look like. No matter how fast your mates have gone. No matter!!!

This is what matters:

I am your Father and I can see your end and it’s so beautiful.

I am your Father and I have great plans in store for you.

I am your Father and I won’t watch you fail.

I am your Father and you are not at a disadvantage.

I am your Father and your process may seem hard but baby, wait and see what I make out of it.

I am your Father, be rest assured just like a nursing child is assured of being fed from the breast of the mother.

I am your FATHER!

Be encouraged by these words.

Love & Lightđź’–đź’–đź’–

Maureen Oseji


  1. Osham

    Thank you dear Maureen!
    God bless you for this sis!

  2. Ilemobayo Mayowa Moses

    I’m lighted and highly encouraged.

    God is my father and I’m his Son.
    He definitely sees how beautiful my end is.
    What a powerful revelation and deliverance to my mind.

    What a blessed piece to digest at a time like this.

    Thank you so much sis.
    Was so blessed and don’t hesitate to share more of God’s word to us here.

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