Words & Action: What to do When People Hurt You with their Words or Action.

Recently someone said something to me and I was so shocked. Like, ‘How can you say that?’ Funny enough, this person was even laughing while saying it and it was really paining me.

You know how someone’s word is just capable of watering all the effort you’re putting into your work, how hard you’re pushing yourself and all you do to just be better.

But because they can’t see the fruit of all these effort, they can utter words that can really break you.

Remember that post I shared, about using what you currently have? Well, I was stranded on my way to work cause I had to make an impromptu expenses, then I finished all I had budgeted for the day. I got home somehow, by God’s grace, and I cooked one Chinese spaghetti like my friend called it. I didn’t have all the things to garnish the food, but I used what I had and guys – it was really sweet. Haha no forming here. The hustle is real. Just live your truth!

Sorry for the digression. I just wanted you to know that is not just about writing or teaching people, but about living it out cause this things will come to you as a test.

So, as I was saying – while in the bathroom, I was just thinking about what this person said, remembering all the big dreams I have but has not materialized. Then the Holy Spirit comforted me.

He said “Do you know this person might not even mean these things. This person doesn’t even know that what they said would come out wrong and hurt you.”

“Just Give Them A Benefit Of Doubt; An Excuse That They Don’t Know Better!.”

Yeah, just give them an excuse rather than allow it create a root of bitterness inside you. Just love them anyway. Imagine if you have to respond to every negative words and reaction you get from people the same way – How catastrophic would that be?

This is how I live and will continue to live. No matter how hurtful that word is, no matter how pained you were. No matter how angry you are at that person for saying those things.

Just let it go! Just believe they didn’t know better. In fact pray that their words be seasoned so they don’t go about breaking people with their words unknowingly.

This is a new year; A fresh start like my father has declared, and so it is.

No room for hate, no room for hoarding bad vibes. Let love have it’s perfect work in us that we can love people even while receiving the opposite.

You know what? It doesn’t matter what people say or think. I’ve come to realize it’s normal for people to always have an opinion about you. Just keep at it. Very soon your result will speak. You don’t have to prove a point to anyone. Don’t buy expensive things just so people would know you’re collecting big salary, or to make them see that you’re working in a good company. – I’m also saying this aloud to myself.

I hope you will put all of these things into practice? Yes, you can and you will.

Sending my Love & Light to you💕💕💕

Maureen Oseji

13 thoughts on “Words & Action: What to do When People Hurt You with their Words or Action.”

  1. That excuse part is how I deal with negative words from folks. Like, I just give them the benefit of doubt and say maybe they are having a hard time too and it’s just a transferred agression kinda stuff.

    It helps a lot.
    Thanks Maureen…

    1. Very true. Like most people just have their baggage and don’t know it’s telling through their words and how they relate with people.
      I’m glad you shut this out by giving them excuses. Well done Osham.

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