When Pressure Sets In……

So, I woke up this morning and several thoughts came to me.

The thought of:

I have so much to do on “ZOE BLOG”.

What will I do this morning?

Where do I even start from?

Do you know what this was doing to me?

I was getting scared and feeling pressurized.

Even though I know there is so much to do, worrying will do more harm than good.

Rather, I should write my tasks down and get on with it one after the other.

Several things pressure does is:
  • To make you worry unnecessarily.
  • It makes you doubt yourself.
  • It makes a simple task difficult and you eventually end up not achieving much at the end of the day.

I remember sharing an image on my social media platforms, that reads: “we all need encouragement sometimes”.

What of times where there is no one to encourage you? Everyone is busy with there daily activity: trying to survive.

Truth be told, we are responsible for our individual lives! Instead of waiting for people, we should help ourselves.

Maureen, you are strong and you can do this! You can achieve whatsoever you set your mind to do.

We live in a world filled with pressure; pressure at work, in school etc.  Our friends, family, social media….everything we see around can make us doubt our abilities.

But, remember to always take a deep breathe, create a beautiful imagination, and tell yourself you can do this!

Much love,


13 thoughts on “When Pressure Sets In……”

  1. I love this WRITE-UP.
    At times I wonder why people compare their life to other people’s life…They think they should be able to do what others are doing not knowing that each and every one of us has different ABILITIES…

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