What I Shared With My Women of the Secret Place Tribe about Hearing God

Jesus the word of God left for us the Holy Spirit while He was leaving.

Is this true?

And He said How that the Spirit of truth will guide you and teach you all things.

Is this true?

The starting point of this discussion for us tonight (in this case, for anyone reading this) is that whoever must hear from God must first have encountered Jesus, meaning, given his or her life to Christ.

My sheep hear my voice…….note: My Sheep!!! Meaning I’m talking to a people who have encounter with Jesus and have the Holy Spirit inside of them.

This is a very important starting point.

You know sometimes it’s good to start from the root cause so we don’t assume. So, am I talking to a people who have the Holy Spirit inside of them? And if not, my prayer is that as you read this, doesn’t matter where you are, you will have a personal encounter with Jesus. Jesus will reveal Himself to you.
If this has been established then let’s proceed.

As long as you have received Jesus, and you have the Holy Spirit inside of you, you can hear God and God is speaking to you.

Don’t think that someone can hear God for you better than you. Yes, mastery is important but the consistent understanding of How God speaks to you and obedience when He speaks to you helps master and sharpen your hearing.

How do I know God is speaking to you?
1 Samuel 3…….God was calling young Samuel (young) meaning new in faith, don’t understand how or what or when He’s even speaking to you. Like a naive baby just learning to crawl, mutter some words,etc.

God was speaking, He heard but thought it was Eli calling Him.
This is how the Holy Spirit nudges your heart, speaks to you and you say SOMETHING TOLD ME
Hey darling, something didn’t tell you. That’s the Holy Spirit talking.

And so there is need for someone to kind of guide you for you to know and trust that Yes, God can speak to you, you can hear God, and with consistent use you can master and sharpen your hearing. To be able to trust Him in every little details He speaks to you through.

I humbly want to say this is my assignment tonight (in this case, as you’re reading this).

Sister, just like Eli to Samuel, I’m telling you right now that God is speaking to you but are you listening?

Sometimes you are waiting for that loud audible voice, but are you paying attention to that gentle voice that daily nudges you and tells you:
Daughter, you are loved!
Daughter, don’t say such next time.
Daughter, I am with you always.
Daughter, give that sister that money.
Daughter, sow that seed.
Are you?

I don’t know how to say this enough but hearing God starts with trusting the still small voice and obeying whatever He tells you and believing whatever He tells you.

This voice is your guide when no one is there.
When no prophet has the answer.
When your Pastor can’t understand.
When your friend think you’re crazy, this gift of the Holy spirit and His direction is your treasure.
Having established this, let’s see another perspective.

Are we following? Are you still with me?

The Holy Spirit said I should tell you that God’s word is God speaking to you!

This is the fundamental truth to our Christian journey, and the understanding of this will make you a solid believer that you won’t be looking for prophets up and down to tell you this and that.
What really are you looking for?

His word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my pathway.
You want to hear God abi?
Pick His word!

What are you trusting God for that you really want Him to say something so bad?

There are millions of promises concerning that matter in His word. Sister, please pick that word, meditate on it, pray with it, confess it, write it on the tablet of your heart, let that word become your reality that you go about with. See, something will happen!

If you can’t trust the word of God, how much more the still small voice.
God’s word is so powerful that God can’t change His mind, but see to it that His word comes to pass

Here’s my testimony below:

So this year for me has really been more like living on faith.
Like literally going to work having no dine, stepping out of the house believing that money will sha come from somewhere and only for me to run into my boss at the bus stop, or someone will call me that he’s going my way.

And so I was really enjoying this faith experience, but then sometimes our mind can play pranks right?

I remember complaining that I don’t have this and that to a Friend and some how the Holy spirit spoke through this my friend and she said you don’t need to complain. Immediately I knew this was God trying to caution me and bring me back to my senses.
Lo and behold, I went for an hangout organized by my friend. And we picked some personalized words
Do you know what I picked?
Do you want to know?

If I can feed the birds of the air who have no barn to store food how much more you – God

For real, I got home and cried.
This was God talking so loud to me through people, his word, an hangout and assuring me that Hey Baby, I got you.
And mind you I wanted to pay for so many things, had debts to settle, I was prepping for NYSC camp, school fee for a program I’m currently running is there, etc.
Long story short, I was to go for camp on 10th of March and I had no money, I mean, no money to go with and I didn’t even pay attention to it. But I knew I will go anyway.

I woke up 9th of March, early in the morning and saw several alerts on my phone and I cried into the secret place.
I had enough, paid up debts, sowed seed, as in I cried seriously.
I cried at God’s love, His faithfulness, how He checks our heart conditions, test our faith.
So what’s the lesson from this:

I held that word like my life depends on it because it actually does.

God spoke to me through His word, through little details of correction from people.
And from constant practice, I know God speaks to me through His word and through little details. He speaks in divers ways, even through people. But you see His word can never fail!

Bottom line, you want to hear God?

  • Trust His word and His promises He has prepared for you in His word.
  • War with it in the place of prayer.
  • Let that word become your reality that you live by.
  • Don’t expect a particular answer just as we use to do. “Hey God, what are you saying?” Whereas, in your mind you want him to say Yes, or Go!
  • Be sensitive too.

I believe this little will truly help you.

Love & Light❤❤❤

Maureen Oseji


  1. Ilemobayo Mayowa Moses

    Thanks so much for sharing this ma.

    This blessed me!

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