Voice from the Grave

I left the world without saying goodbye
I left not knowing where I was going
I left making my families cry hard
I left making my enemies laugh hard

Thousand of candles were burnt
Cries and wailing turned dirge
Hundreds of people known and unknown had RIP on their status
Blogs and sites spread the news of how I died
Fake testimonies of my deeds were on the lips of all
Unanswered Prayers were made for me
Telling me to rest on

Suddenly I heard the voice of the grave where I was laid
Saying harshly,
you were born to be useful, but now useless!
Both your birth and death offered me nothing!

Then I heard another voice,
Of all the fame and money you had,
Your coffin was bought for a cheaper price
“I should have been more expensive considering your standards”, said the Coffin

I wish someone could wake me up
My head, my body is stiff.
Still struggling to get out of my mind
then mother Earth said: You fool! YOU DIED FULL, NOW YOU OCCUPY SPACE.

My mind raced back like a prey in danger
Then I remembered my days on Earth

Did I truly live?
Did I really exist?
PURPOSE tapped me and said “you intentionally forgot me”

Shouldn’t there be something remarkable I did?
VISION answered and said
“You always have them as me(vision) in your head without executing them
You also left IMPACT, DREAMS, SACRIFICE, BELIEF and FAITH hanging on the tree of your life then prioritize the minority”

I sat in the bulk room of my mind reminiscing on what has been said, then
MONEY said, at least you had me
You had me too, HOUSES said
You were about to buy my latest, CAR said
You spent most of your time with me, my WORK said
My wife crowned it all, you married me also and I had kids for you

Is that all have been living for
Pursuing what never mattered!
Abandoning my creator
Just to be held of high standards with fellow creatures
Trying to win the rat race?

Then I cried out to LIFE
Life can you give me a second chance
I will run with the speed of light
To right my wrongs
And fufill destiny

Instead TIME answered and said
I don’t give extra time!

But I had money
It could have saved me life but didn’t

My wife prays
No prayer for the Dead

Extra life can’t be bought
But eternal life was for free
I hope you got it

Then that thick voice called out and said
Judgement beckons! Come forward!

© Olanike Adebiyi

This is one of my favorite poem from Nike right here. I hope you were able to read between every lines.

All I can hear so loud between these lines are:

  1. Utilize your potentials
  2. Find your purpose and pursue it relentlessly
  3. God is watching to see what you will do with all the potentials potentials He has deposited inside of you
  4. You don’t have so much time to waste
  5. Don’t live for what you can acquire (cars, wealth, affluence, etc) all of these are good but has no eternal value. Live for impact!
  6. You were created for a greater purpose than acquisition of material things, get married, have a great job, etc.
  7. Your creator – God. He beckons. All the answer to your question is with Him. Please go to Him.

I’m having teary eyes typing this. I just hope you get it. I just pray this rings so loud in your mind that you can’t sleep until you understand it.

Love & Light❤❤❤

Maureen Oseji

PS: If this blessed you please share and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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