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To copy or not? These 3 things are the guide you need

When everybody is busy copying can sometimes be inevitable; purpose or not, good or bad, good for you or not, you just want to be involved.

We happen to find ourselves in a time and age where everybody wants to be doing something. I mean, of course nobody is to be found idle. But you see, the danger in this is the possibility of ‘just doing something’ like Nike (Just Do it) because everyone is busy, or ‘copy them’ because you can see tangible result and oh yeah, that can be very tempting.

Your sister has started making millions from fashion designing so “Let’s do it”, your friend is now gaining public recognition from speaking and writing “Me too must write and speak”, my friend has started business “I think it’s my line too”, my sister has one amazing mentor “I think he can be my mentor too”, my friend is doing her Masters and gathering plenty certifications “I will do too”, Ha! “Tope is getting married and she’s my best friend so it’s a sign that I too will be married this year”.

OMG! Imagine how dramatic your life will be if you are not only surrounded with such people but you also want to do everything they do.

I mean, good association is supposed to be a motivation for your own pursuit not trying to make everyone’s thing your thing.

Like I said, it can be very tempting! But you need to have a mind of your own. You need to find your own purpose in doing a thing, not because everybody is doing this and that so you must also do it.

Do you know why? Ok, I’ll tell you.

The reason is because you will be tested. Yes!

That thing you started because someone started, it will come with its own challenges and there and then your conscience will ask you ‘Why are you even here? Why are you even doing this?’

Not just your conscience; your patience will be tested, your ability to continue and not jump out of it into something else, that also will be tested.

When you start failing at that course, when you start realizing that you jumped into that marriage, when you begin to see that public recognition comes with its own sacrifices that you’re not even ready to make, then you will begin to ask the right questions you ought to have figured out before jumping or copying.

As part of answering those questions you might be having in your heart:

You want to make sure there is purpose first in what you are about to do or you can do a questioning of what you are already doing, and you want to make sure what you are doing or about to do is related with the picture of your future (your career, your dreams and aspirations, or something God has instructed you of).

The reason for all of these is so that you can:

  1. Fulfill purpose (WHY)

There’s an adage that says:

“When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable”.

When you don’t have a good reason for starting a venture then you can be sure there is nothing good to even achieve out of it because there is no purpose in it in the first place. It will be like someone setting out for a journey to a land where he knows nothing about.

Don’t do it because everyone else is at it or because that is the trending thing. Not everything trendy is good for you. This is not an excuse for not being up to date or be technologically inclined. It just means that you have to ‘know why’ and this my friend is very important.

I remember asking myself this question when I was about to start this blog and at first I thought maybe it was just a mistake or because blogging was trending at the time. But then “to teach, to impact lives and be a blessing came to me” and that was it for Me.

And countless times where I felt like quitting, I found myself doing it again because it’s not about profiting from it in the first place but the impact I want to make with it. And I know we’re not doing bad cause a lot of you won’t have kept on coming back here. That alone is enough profit.

But who says it’s bad to make profit anyways? Nobody!

I also remember how I use to think I can never blog but here I am. You never can tell. Whatever is inside of you can’t hide for too long even when you try to deny yourself of it. Somewhere, somehow, it will find expression.

As long as the motive is right, and you’re sure question one is answered (WHY) – Just Do It.

Some people will start asking if I’m now Nike’s brand ambassador. You can recommend me if you know someone who knows someone. Lol, yeah right!

  1. To remain motivated and focused

Oh Gosh! Let’s not even go there. That’s a serious word right there. If you’re ever looking for someone who has lacked motivation in different things, just come to me I will gist you about it.

Ranging from when my education got slowed down (I was going to lesson when my mates were already in SS2 in school, so I went back to SS1 when they were in SS3) only to eventually have to sit for WAEC twice (d7 in English for that matter) and I waited 3 years before eventually getting into a polytechnic (you need to see how happy I was when I saw my name in the first batch). At some point I thought maybe I wasn’t destined for a University. That alone should have made me joke with my studies but I won’t let a Polytechnic define who I am to become.

Glory to God! I had a distinction.

Someone that was meant to even encourage me when I was on Upper credit at the time and I was so happy, He said “Let’s see what you’ll finish with first, the end of a thing is better than the beginning.” Gosh! It was as if they poured cold water on my spirit, soul and body. But I can laugh about it now because I held my stay and it ended in praise. This is just a lesson for someone.

‘So think about it. What if it’s something you followed the crowd to do?

Can you still keep going when the going gets tough?

Can you stay focused and not move an eye even at the edge of failure and remain relentless about your dream?’

  1. To remain joyful

There’s something about joy that gets to me. Guys, it is very easy to lose your joy when you’re doing the wrong thing. I mean, very easy.

You’d just find yourself being frustrated unnecessarily, angry at little things, sad almost all the time.

If you’ll be honest with yourself, you’ll just know somehow that ‘This isn’t right’.

This is not to say that when you’re on the right path you’d just be happy all the time, but there will always be a consolation and a reminder of why you started it in the first place and this will give you all the strength that you need.

But not something that turns you to a ‘sorry person’.

Do you get what I mean?

So your happiness and joy is very important. Take it very seriously; guide it jealously. I do too.

‘Constant loss of joy can be a red flag or a signal for you to reconsider your decisions’.

My desire is that you’d understand and get clarity for whatever it is you’ve set your heart on to do.

I’m hanging my boot here because this post is already getting too long. But expect more from me.

Love you guys



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