Throwing it Back: Top 10 Blog Post for 2019

I am grateful for a lot of things; one of which is: the opportunity to continue to write and inspire on this space. I don’t even see it as a right at all. It’s not without it’s challenges, but through it all – my consolation is that lives are being blessed, and impact is being made.

You don’t know how much I appreciate all your feedbacks, comments, likes, shares and even encouragement. This keeps me going.

In the light of this, here is how we fared. In case you didn’t follow from the start, or you joined along the way – here’s an opportunity for you to catch up.

And need I say that 2020 promises to be really, really great. You’re not even ready guys!

This list is based on your views, interactions and feedbacks. Alright, here we go!

Here are the Top 10 Blog Post for 2019

  1. Dear Singles, 4 + 1 Things You Need to Know in 2019 Oh my! I remember sharing this post. I was in a relationship then too, and this post reminds me of how everything I share here also teaches me. So I’m back to that table o like I never left. Hahaha….I know I’m laughing but 2019 taught me a lot. I promised you guys I’d share and I still will. But do you know how hard it is to like write your own life and try to teach people? I’ve not been able to pen it or put it all together. I know I will, just be patient.

2. A Little Something for When Your Dreams No Longer Seem Relevant This is to remind you to keep those dreams and visions alive. I have kept mine and you’ll experience some of them soon. I just can’t wait! Lol.

3. Maximizing your NOW This is to remind you to not wait for all the big opportunities, but do something tangible with your current season, and enjoy your process. Prepare and let opportunity meet you ready.

4. On Bad Energy: These (5 Why) Will Help You Do A Self Examination This is to remind us to constantly check ourselves if we are the so-called bad energy we’re trying to run from. So we don’t end up sending all the good people in our lives away.

5. How to Step into 2020 like A Boss Still shocked how this made it to the top 5 though. Here, I shared the importance of Introspection & Retrospection.

6. Youngpreneur Series: Tosin Olateru – Cinematographer & Photographer; CEO of Couvercle Media Impression This is our first youngpreneur series feature and trust me guys, it was really inspiring. I promise to have more features this year. Won’t allow busyness get a hang of me. NO!

7. I Need Help Short, precise and straight to the point. I’d even say this is one of my shortest post ever. But the feedback I got even made it worthwhile. It is what the title says it is. Smiles….check it out!

8. Launching our 1st Series Ever: The #Youngpreneur Series You will be reading some inspiring stories on this series soon. This is one of my 2020 goals. But check it out to have an overview of what the series stand out to achieve. I love it!

9. Post Birthday Appreciation: Heart to Heart I won’t even lie – My 2019 birthday was the best so far. I battled so many things before October and God showed up and made sure that new year for me was a graceful one. Like I experienced love! My Twinny blew my mind. My friends and families came through. My father prayed his heart out for me. A lot of people prayed for me. I still can’t get over it. But I dropped a message in the post for you – you should check it out.

And the last but not the least is……*drum rolls*

10. Learning to {Love You} Oh wow! I really love this post. Here I shared how we really can’t give what we don’t have. Being a loving person starts from how you’ve been able to master loving yourself. It is out of the abundance of yourself that you can give out.

Yay! And we have come to the end of it. I’m so happy I finally got time to do this post.

2020 promises to be really great. I know I’ve said this over and over, but you really aren’t ready for it.

Thank you for 2019.

I love you guys so much.

Love & Light💕💕💕

Maureen Oseji

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