Thin line between “Reacting & Responding” to situations.

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If yes, then you would know that this point I’m about to elaborate on is part of the nuggets to living a transformational life which I shared in the e-book.


Don’t react to situation, rather respond.

What really is the difference?

Reaction is typically quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive. Response takes time, is thought out, calm and non-threatening. Reaction is emotion filled while response removes all emotion.

Let me share an experience I had on Sunday with you.

So, I was trying to play with my music director in church during the course of the service – I was genuinely smiling at her and she was like, “Maureen what is it?” still smiling, ‘I said nothing’. Imagine!

The next thing I heard was “You will lead the song for offering”. Oh, my heart raced but I nodded my head in affirmation. In my mind I was thinking [why now?]. I couldn’t concentrate anymore: not because I couldn’t lead the song but it was impromptu and I wasn’t expecting that.

Nevertheless, I have to do it and I have no excuse not to (a music minister must be ever ready because you can be called upon at any time).

I started thinking of what song to sing, as a matter of fact I wrote some songs down and I kept staring at the book as if I had never seen those songs before. My heart was beating fast, the time for offering was drawing near and I became really tensed.

You might be wondering why right? Really, I don’t know too!

Well, it was time for offering – I took the song and it was very obvious I was not into it (at least that was what I thought).

I was really unhappy with myself and I allowed it to affect my mood.

I was meant to lead the second section but because I was already disorganized, I hurriedly left the altar.

Gosh! It was so annoying and I’m even laughing at myself right now.

We went back and someone else had to sing the song (and I stood there without a mic looking like some who misplaced something) and I was not smiling at all.

Altogether, the section didn’t go as it should have and it was due to my failure to respond to the situation; rather I reacted.

Of course my music minister complained and I felt really bad, not for her comment but my incompetence in handling a situation just because I felt pressured and thought I didn’t sing well.

However, I have learnt my lesson and I won’t let such happen again.

How should I respond to a situation?

The following tips will help us get through impromptu situations with professionalism and poise.

  1. Breathe – breathing will relax you and help you to remain calm and attentive. Wish I did this the moment she told me I was to lead.

  2. Maintain professionalism – keep your composure with a confident posture and non-verbal gestures. Avoid appearing defensive. If I had smiled and stood there confidently maybe things would have gone differently.

  3. Focus – if you were being asked a question, listen to what is being asked of you. Be sure you are understanding and answering the right question.

  4. Pause – take a moment to collect your thoughts before responding. Ask yourself some questions before responding.

  5. Repeat the question – this will give you a more time to think of your response. You can also paraphrase it to turn a negative question into a positive one.

Yes we can get ‘mentally flooded’ when faced with pressure but our response to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.

Learnt something from this?

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2 thoughts on “Thin line between “Reacting & Responding” to situations.”

  1. Hmmmm…there is just a thin line between responding and reacting to situations we find ourselves in! Our reactions and responds matters a lot.

    Glad you were able to pick out lessons from the situation.

    Thanks for sharing.

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