“A travel in {The Mind} can ease the pain”!

Hi guys,

Trust you’re enjoying your weekend.

Yea, I love weekends especially Sundays.

I get to go to [Church –that’s where I always love to be] and enjoy sometime in God’s presence.

Even though the weekend is rolling off already and you’re preparing for tomorrow’s task and all of that; I want to quickly share something interesting that happened today in church with you. I hope you find it thrilling as much as I did.

After an amazing worship session and choir ministration, my Pastor started delivering the sermon.

Then he gave an instruction in between, he said:

I want you to imagine yourself right now being a governor, seating on that exalted chair, signing documents, having able protocols……. Can we try that? Ok, done! You need to see the smile on my face when I did it.

On to the next:

Imagine yourself – [a lady dressed in that beautiful white gown or a guy dressed in deluxe suit] and begin to step majestically to the altar.

Where my Ladies at…*wink.

You can trust that I chose a gown that was dazzling and I cat walked down the stairs before I started heading for the altar.

And to the next:

Imagine yourself in the plane, travelling for a nice vacation with your family.

I was already thinking of the country we are going and the guy beside me said ‘Miami’.

Do you agree? Well, you can choose wherever you want to go. But don’t forget we are only imagining things.

Where are we going with this? Don’t worry, no more thoughts.

But didn’t want to stop because I liked everything I was picturing in my head.

What is the lesson in this?

He [My Pastor], then said: You can travel in your mind! 

And I began to think about this. Rather than allow yourself to be undermined by current happenings and situations, why not create an excellent scene for yourself in your mind. It eases tension and leaves you feeling relieved.

Our thoughts can do more than we think. 

In addition,

Has anyone seen the series- The Legend of The Seeker?

Hmmmm…..okay, let me share a part with you! Ehn I love movies too.

Richard (the main character) was captured by the Morsith (those women in red leather suits with their torture tool, THE AGIEL).

Darken Rahl (the tyrant in the movie) was trying to break Richard to the point where he (darken Rahl) could control Richard.

While the Mord- Siths tortured Richard, they discovered he wasn’t breaking because he had found a way to by- pass the pain through his mind.

What he did was to visualize himself with Kahlan (the mother confessor whom he loved but due to their mission, cannot share any love affair). And he was seeing himself express the love he couldn’t give in real life to her and it was working – No pain was felt.

The more he was tortured, the more he was enjoying himself with Kahlan.

So, we can actually use our mind to escape pain by seeing what you really want and the pain appears painless. 

“Use the incredible power of positive thinking and your subconscious mind to find your way to the happy abundant life you deserve.”

I hope you enjoyed that little drama.

  • Do have a splendid night!




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