THE CATALYST: the launching of a brand new “YOU”

Change, the catalyst for extraordinary living!

Progress is the heartbeat of the human race. Our desire is to make progress, achieve great feats, do something commendable and get to the peak of excellence; unfortunately, not everyone is ready to pay the price. However, there’s a catalyst called “CHANGE”.

What really is change? – “The process of becoming different”- which means to transform. The word “process” is a series of events which produce an outcome – as a result, we go through several phases and encounter different experiences which should lead to a progress.

Change as a result is a series of events in life that produce a transformational result in an individual. We sometimes initiate a change and some other times, it is prompted by circumstances; however, we all have the choice of controlling what our life is becoming! Change can be positive or negative [both could be necessary for your journey].

Being an antagonist of change limits your chances of increasing your experiences and reducing your mistakes. We can choose to maintain a status quo but life will never wait for us. Some persons build their lives around principles spurred by their past experiences, shutting the door against new paradigms. For you to be the person of your dream, you must be open to evolvements that will continually reshape your life.

New Year Evolution- My Bite of the Cake of Change

That was how I found myself crammed into the belly of a cocoon like a butterfly seeking for freedom. So, for over 3 years I built my life around principles, conformed to a particular system and shut my mind against the world.

Eventually, I came to realize there were things I wanted to do, aspirations I had in mind but I couldn’t seem to be close to them; as a matter of fact, I saw those aspirations as not good enough for me. And when I saw people doing things I love, I admired them but hid under my little shell like a tortoise hiding from a predator. In my little mind I would be thinking: “I don’t want to be hurt, I don’t want to be laughed at, and will people not say I’ve changed?” Bla bla bla! I had fears, worries but on the flipside, people thought I was perfect! I wasn’t comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone.

How it all changed! It was December 2016 when I stumbled upon Roman 8:28 “all things work together for good to them that love God” and then I listened to a song by Travis Greene – “intentional”. Those words were actually not new to me but it brought about an anger and hunger for something different. It birthed a desire for a new resolution within me. To cut to the chase – I ran with those words in 2017 and I’m still running; I’ve not been the same since then. I have not only grown; I now see things differently.

Here are nuggets to living a transformational life:

  • MIND“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw. The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to work on your mind. It determines your perspective and reactions. So, there’s a need to feed the mind and grow it [with positive things!].
  • KNOWLEDGE – Always seek to know, don’t act like you’ve known! Submit to a superior knowledge. You can never learn if you don’t unlearn to relearn. And there’s always something to learn from everything and everyone you come across. So, learn from everything that happens to you either good or bad.
  • REACTION – Sometimes, our reaction to bad situations could make it seems as though it was actually good and worth going through. Don’t react to situation, rather respond. Be comfortable within your own skin and don’t allow anything to make you feel nervous, naïve and incompetent.
  • SACRIFICE – Know that for every change you experience, there is always a sacrifice to be paid. “Nothing great was ever accomplished without making sacrifices” – Richard Osanaiye.
  • INQUISITION – Always ask questions about a body of truth “Asking questions reduce your chances of making mistakes”. Don’t just agree to everything. It doesn’t make you a doubter, instead it opens you to swim in a deeper depth of knowledge.
  • FEAR – It’s okay to be afraid because we all do but never let fear tie your feet from moving forward to a better living – mere thinking will not overcome fear, only action will. Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death. Even in my fears, I have started “Zoe Blog” and I’m not comfortable because there’s more.

Dear reader, “If you don’t reinvent yourself, nobody will do it for you!”

My name is Maureen Oseji A. and I am not the same old me – “I am Becoming!”

Thank you so much guys for believing in me and  taking out time to read and support. There’s still so much to do….Don’t forget, “the journey just began.”

Much love,


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2 thoughts on “THE CATALYST: the launching of a brand new “YOU””

  1. Awesome blog post, it’s definitely inspiring. I love the quote “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” 🙂

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