Short Story: The Truth About My One Time Fuss With a Bus Conductor in Lagos

Are you ready for this gist? I know you all want to hear it.
To be honest, 2020 came with a whole lot of drama. And I couldn’t just help the thought of not sharing this part of it with you all. It’s like my little secret.

Sound of warning: Don’t get carried away by the actions in the story but learn from the lessons instead.
Are we good? Yeah!

One fateful day, I was coming back from work and I boarded a supposed-to-be BRT bus that has been converted to an advanced Mo-lu-e bus.

BRT bus is a very big commercial bus owned by Lagos State Government for easier means of transportation and comfortability for Lagosians. It has air condition and Television in it. You must purchase a ticket before you can get on this bus. See picture below.

This is like the first set of brt buses o. We’ve upgraded don’t worry.

Mo-lu-e bus is a very big commercial bus too, but haggard looking, very slow and always overloaded with passengers. The fare is usually cheaper than other normal bus fare. See picture below.

Trust me when I say this one is one of the finest you’ll ever see.

Advanced Mo-lu-e is a BRT bus that no longer has AC or TV in it. They are loaded with more passengers than a BRT bus will allow.

This was the best I could find on google.

So I boarded the advanced Molue from Ojota and I was going to Palm Groove. I told the bus conductor I was going to Palm Groove and he told me to enter. The bus started moving. As the bus journeyed, not long I noticed the driver diverted into another route that looked like Oshodi route. Ha! Wahala!
I then raised an alarm that I was going to Palm Groove and why were they taking me the wrong way.

That was when the conductor said, “Who called Palm Groove for you?” Wow! Really?
“But you told me Yaba Palm Groove, I said.” That was how we began this back and forth. The passengers advised I get off on time else I was headed for Oshodi.
Ok, driver should stop the bus let me alight. I don’t even know what came over him. Without knowing what happened, he started shouting and ranting.

Oh, at this point I wasn’t going to just accept that I’ve been cheated and still being shouted at all at the same time.
For the record, one thing I so detest, hate, dislike with my every being is to be cheated or see someone being cheated. No way!

Now while I was trying to tell the driver to stop the bus, I found out a little teenage girl was in the same dilemma as mine.
And of course she couldn’t even speak for herself.

Ok! Now the tension is already building up in my stomach cause I’m about to burst out in frustration.
So I said as a matter of fact, I’m not going to alight from the bus until my fare and that little girl’s fare is returned.
The driver was ranting and talking gibberish driving us off to Oshodi.
Then I raised my voice in anger and frustration. I could literally see everybody’s face like – this girl is not joking o.

Now the conductor has started begging me to calm down. The passengers were already calling the driver names and I was just there crying and shouting at the very top of my voice.

Bottom line guys. I collected my money, that little girl’s money and dropped off at Oshodi with her.
The conductor literally ran after us to tell us he was sorry. At least he had a little humane left in him and admitted his wrong unlike the driver.

In this whole story, what gave me joy the most was the fact that I had just helped out a little girl who the last cash on her was what she gave the conductor. Now from Oshodi the fare was more expensive. I had to put her in another bus to her destination, beg the bus conductor to please collect what she had that she almost got lost and he was nice enough to agree.

I went on to get my own bus to my destination but I couldn’t stop thinking about what could have happened to that little girl if there was no intervention for her.
For people who know Oshodi well. Imagine a little girl wandering that place, far away from home without any money with her.

I felt really bad for causing drama in the bus but trust me, drama never felt that good when it had to do with saving someone from being cheated.
That’s my little secret you all. And now I feel so light hearted telling you.

Have you ever experienced something similar?
Have any Lagos drama experience?
Let me know in the comment section.

Love & Light

Maureen Oseji


  1. Sandra Salawu

    I can relate with each line. Thanks for sharing Sis. Do have an amazing year ahead🤗

    1. Maureen Oseji

      You really can relate? Wow! Nice. You too darling.

  2. Olabiyi Olanike

    New lesson learnt.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Awesome! You’re welcome darling.

  3. Nnamdi Orie

    I can’t stop laughing and at the same see clearly the intent of this post.
    It’s amazing how what we intend to do for ourselves (Standing up for yourself in this case) can turn out to favor someone else more and you find more satisfaction than it turning out for your favor only.

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Lol. I’m glad you had a good laugh and besides, you also got the intent of the post. And I agree with you on every level on this.

  4. Ilemobayo Mayowa Moses

    This short story taught me a quite number of things.
    So real, emotional and educative.
    Thank you so much for sharing ma.

    More of this would be appreciated.

    1. Maureen Oseji

      This is great to hear. I will try my best to do more of this.

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