Rejection: A Blessing in Disguise.

It is true that life can be so unfair sometimes because you don’t always get everything you wish to have.

Not every door you knock on opens. Not every opportunity you so yearn for comes your way.

You even watch people that are not up to the task take the position you can so excel & deliver excellently in.

You watch your mates excel in life & instead of you to be happy for them, you find yourself furious unintentionally because you know you possess so much capacity but it’s yielding no result.

You’re angry, frustrated, dejected & confuse. You even question God and hate the essence of your existence.

You’ve been rejected countless times and you feel bad about it.

At age 23, Oprah Winfrey was fired. And I’m trying to imagine all the possible thoughts that would be running through her mind at that moment.

But the same young lady that was rejected found her voice & is impacting the world today.

What if she was not fired? Her creativity would lay buried deep within her, and used at another man’s business.

Sometimes, that denial & rejection is all you need to unveil the giant that is buried inside of you.

Your creativity needs to be deployed into your own venture, maybe that’s why you haven’t gotten a job after countless application.

Permit me to say not everyone will excel at a 9 – 5 job. In the same vein, not everyone will excel at being an entrepreneur.

But do you know what you’re meant to be doing? Especially in a millennial age where everyone wants to do what they see others doing.

Maybe that rejection is a wake up call for you to sit up & find yourself. In a world where too much information is flying all around, it becomes easy for you to be following other people’s path obliviously.

Rejection is not sweet, but I am sure it will produce a sweet fruit in you when utilized correctly.

Awaken the giant in you.

Be who God wants you to be.

Thirst after finding yourself.

What are you called out for?

Let us have an introspection!

Love you guys,


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