Productivity Hack: 4 + 1 Smartest Things You Can Do at Night {Aside Sleeping}

Finally, we are here!

Apologies for my inconsistency these days. I’m definitely working on it.

While I’m trying to combine school activities with church activities and personal activities; I know I will find a way around it. Plus Airtel network is really getting on my nerve. I just have to keep switching network until one doesn’t disappoint.

I know you guys miss me; I miss you more!

Where my night crawlers are?

If you’re there, say Yay!

Am I the only one who thinks 8 hours sleep is not for me, at least not yet?

It’s really good to sleep but I think the only option for me to be productive in my personal agenda is to stay up late, or wake up to do stuffs in the midnight.

There were times I could write in the day or attend to my personal stuffs. But these days, school takes almost all my day and then the rest of the day is taken by church( I’m a church girl,wink).

Still, that’s not an excuse.

So I realized if I kept on that way I probably won’t write anymore and that thought can never come to reality. Then I have to take measures.

One of those measure is:

Maximizing the night to get on with tasks I’m unable to cover during the day.

It’s not really an easy job especially if you’re not used to it. But this habit can be formed over a period of time with consistency.

You don’t have to beat yourself up if you skipped a day or two; set your mind on it and start again. I’m learning too.

This is most especially awesome when we have a longer night, shorter day.

If you’re struggling to complete your tasks in the day, why not try doing them in the night.

Here are few things you can do when you’re up at night, either struggling for like an hour before finally getting up or through an annoying alarm beep:

Remember it’s a gradual process….

  1. Write – If you’re like me who needs to gather my thoughts into words, put up blog posts, finish up on several drafts that has over stayed their time on my back-end, then you should do this. Asides what I’ve mentioned, if you need to work on a write-up, then do it.
  2. Itemize the tasks you’ve been procrastinating on if you have any. Pick the most important and necessary one and start with that. Some tasks are necessary but not very important. Instead of wasting that little time on the ‘not important’, I would advice you tackle the ‘important and urgent‘.
  3. Plan your day – The best way to live life is to be deliberate. A day planned for can be the most effective day. So if you’ve been jumping into the day without knowing how you want it to turn out, the things you’d be doing all through that day, then I recommend you do this. Itemize what you need to do for that day in order of priority and importance.
  4. Set out your clothes – Yes, your clothes! For the whole week or for that day. I do this and it has been very helpful. I plan my outfit for a whole week, hang and iron the necessary ones. Although I don’t like ironing, but I’ve been trying. Don’t be like me! So instead of waking up and looking for what to put on, you’d have saved yourself some time and stress. The days I don’t plan my cloth I wear anything I see on my hanger. But there are times you’d want to combine nice colours and look sharp. So plan it!
  5. Meditation (Introspection) – like seriously? Who wakes up at night to think? Yes, I’ve tried everything listed here. The truth is we get too busy sometimes that we forget ourselves and even lose ourselves in the busyness. Having to ruminate over your life and how you’re faring isn’t a bad idea. It helps us to check our excesses and areas we’ve not been meeting up. You can be too distracted during the day.
  6. Pray – I love this one! Even though I have not been entirely faithful to this. But I do this too. You can take out time to commune with God and build expectations for every areas of your life. There is no specific duration. Just a sincere communion from a sincere heart, at least for starters. Some people can pray for hours which is good. But don’t be intimidated by hours. Just be sincere with yourself and edify (build up) your faith. I should talk more on this later.

I know there are several other things you can do at night but these are tested and trusted. Smile.

Plus I’m also happy because I am doing one of it – writing! Same with the previous post and several other ones already posted and yet to be posted too.

And I’m signing out….

So much love from me,


PS: If you have any I didn’t mention that we can adopt, comment it below. If you’ve tried any, you can also do same. Let’s just get talking: comment, like and share.


10 thoughts on “Productivity Hack: 4 + 1 Smartest Things You Can Do at Night {Aside Sleeping}”

  1. I feel you sis. To have a longer day, work in the night. Don’t be a dead man all through the night. And don’t be a waking sleeper in the day too. That you are awake in the day doesn’t mean you’re not sleeping –
    Awake but not actively working. Be productive anytime you’re awake whether day or night.

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