On Intimacy with God: What it is & What it’s not

This season I believe, is that time to get serious with God, bridge the gap of communication if you haven’t been communing consistently with your creator, and a time to really study the word of God and know God for ourselves beyond what we hear in church, other people’s experience of God or see on social media.

This is what I believe. More like saying a second chance, and God’s way of stretching His arms wide open of fellowship to us. His arms are always open anyway, we just seem not to be consistent with staying with our lover as so many people profess God is to them.

So if you’ve started this journey of bridging this gap I’m so happy for you. It’s a baby step: few minutes grows to hours better than nothing at all. Don’t beat yourself up at your 30 minutes fellowship and study. Your intentionality is what really matters.

One of the best decision I made this year was to start a start to finish bible challenge – I’m now in I Kings you guys and I’m so thrilled. As much as I want to share all the things I’m learning with you guys, I also had a rethought of growing into what I’m learning. Do you get me? Many times, it’s not really about sharing that theoretical knowledge of the word, but becoming that word, experiencing it and teaching people. This is what really impacts and not trying to share all the rhema you’ve gotten from the word of God. Some things are meant for your digestions and there’s a place where Ezekiel talked about taking the scroll in, and how its tasted sweet. He didn’t go about screaming “oh, I’ve got the script to the nations”. He tasted it, it went through process. Another scripture talked about the things which we have heard, seen and our hands have handled – Handled! Knowing the word is not enough. Have you handled it? So many times there’s a tendency to receive the word of God but you really haven’t experience the life and power behind it but you go about sharing it.

Knowledge sharing is good but let a man who has experienced having faith in God tell you his experiences based on His faith on the word of God than someone who can just quote Hebrews 11:1

Having established this, the main post for today goes as follows and I actually shared this with my Women of the Secret Place community as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

1. Your intimacy with God is not so that you can show people how deep you are or how much revelation God gives you.

2. Your intimacy with God is about how awesome the love of the Father is such that you just want to be with Him every time. You just want to love on Him, talk to Him, hear from Him.

3. Your intimacy with God is not because you want to get to a certain level of grace to prove a point or for people to see that you’re anointed and a daughter or son of God. – Yes, we do grow in grace and capacity as a result of consistent fellowship, obedience and responsibility. Because if you’ve been faithful in little, much will be committed into your hands.

4. Fellowshipping with God is a place of rest and peace that nothing else in this world can be compared with. So, where would you rather be?

So please when I say take your intimacy with God serious, it’s not to say that you’re inadequate, you don’t pray, listen to messages, go to church, or love God.

But I’m speaking to your consistency, your motive, your intentionality, your love for God, your yearning to be alone and not scared to be, your mindset to Do rather than Be (Being comes before Doing).

Do we get it?

God created everyone of us for fellowship and this is His original intent for mankind.

God is not calling only our Pastors, Mentors and Coaches to intimacy.
He’s calling you and I and should I tell you the longing of the Father?
He misses us anytime you seem far from Him ( When we don’t talk to Him, hear from Him, pay attention to His heart.) I hear this a lot and I just wonder how loving God is. Like how can you tell me you miss me? Yes, God is that sweet!

God misses you dear sisters and brothers. He does.

And do you know why I love the love of our Father so much?
When you fellowship one time, you come out so fulfilled not knowing He has put another hunger in you so that you can come back and always keep coming back.

This is why you feel sad when you’ve not read your bible or commune with God in a day, weeks or months.

You really can’t be normal. You feel some sort of void and until you go back again before you find that freshness.

This is who our Father is……He always misses you. He wants you coming back. He’s jealous when your job takes the whole of your time. He’s not happy when your marriage has taken His place in your life.
He didn’t bless us to stay far from Him.
He blesses us so we don’t have to bother about the affairs and cares of life, so that we can focus adequately on Him.
Yes, my Father is a Jealous lover.

Imagine if your fiancee is sharing your attention with another lady.
Yes, exactly how we make God feel.

I hope this blessed you?

If it does let me know, and please share if it’s worth sharing.

Love & Light❤❤❤

Maureen Oseji

10 thoughts on “On Intimacy with God: What it is & What it’s not”

  1. This got me

    He misses us anytime you seem far from Him ( When we don’t talk to Him, hear from Him, pay attention to His heart.)

    I was lost in a deep thought.

    Thank you so much sis.
    You’ve just blessed me this today.

  2. I hear you on that consistency part!! Consistency in out intimacy with God is the game changer!!
    Thank you so much Maureen!

  3. I hear you on that consistency part!! Consistency in our intimacy with God is the game changer!!
    Thank you so much Maureen!

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