On Bad Energy: These {5 Why} Will Help You Do A Self Examination

One of the trending things people talk about now is:

  • How they want to stay away from bad energy.
  • How they want to get a new circle.
  • How they want to delete some people out of their lives.
  • How they want to pay attention to positive vibes only.

And so on….You know now.

All these things are good. Cause you definitely don’t want to continue with a circle that constantly leaves you depressed, drained, intimidated or even make you think you’re not enough.

That is truly a bad energy!

Nonetheless, I’ve not heard anyone talk about checking ourselves if we’re even the bad energy.

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  • Why will I be the one people like to gossip with? I mean, this can only mean that you like gossip yourself, and the more you keep listening, the more people bring others’ business to you.
  • Why will I be the one everyone is picking a fight with? LOL. But seriously, some people are ambassadors for fighting. Like they’re so hot & will always jump at every opportunity to make things heat up. So if you’re the type that someone is always having issues with – maybe you’ve not being patient enough, or you tend to misunderstand things a lot. Not saying we don’t sometimes have issues with people, but when it becomes frequent then we need to check ourselves.
  • Why will someone always have a bad comment about you all the time?
  • Why is it that you’re always the one angry when someone who is succeeding?
  • Why do you always need to argue because you never want to agree someone else can be right?

Oh why?

To think that you cannot be wrong is bad energy in itself.

To think that your ideology should be the only thing everyone should accept is bad energy in itself.

To think that you feel someone else is a bad person simply shows you might not be good yourself.

Remember, when you point a finger at someone, four fingers comes pointing at you.

So can we pause for a minute & check ourselves before we begin to pursue the people God has sent to our lives away all in the name of bad energy – whereas we’re the cause of the constant issues.

I was talking with a friend recently and I told him if everyone can just be Libra in understanding people, our strive against each other will be minimal.

Everyone wants to proof a point. Nobody is listening. Then nobody is making any sense. All bad energy. Lol.

This is my way of saying, Pause & Check Yourself.



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