On Act of Kindness: Everything Counts

This post was inspired by you guys that read and shared the last post titled I need help.

I know you’re feeling like “but it’s not much of a big deal”, but it is to me.

And I really appreciate everyone of you.

I mean, you guys are making me feel like a super star.

A friend even asked where I learned how to write. That he loved the tone of my writing.

I actually didn’t learn cause I didn’t believe I could blog too, talk more of write.

But I’m learning on the job guys.

Thank you for all the shares and comments – it means a lot.

Going right into it.

  • No act of kindness is small.
  • No expression of love is little.
  • No effort is irrelevant.

Nobody owes you anything, so when you’re being helped make sure you grab that opportunity with appreciation.

Sometimes, that act of kindness you consider little was actually someone’s huge sacrifice.

When you’re not grateful for that little you can’t get more.

Let’s not have entitlement mentality – and start seeing every act of love people show towards us as a gift.

The world will be a much more better place than it currently is.

Let me share this quick experience:

I went somewhere one day and I exhausted all the money I had on me and was left with a hundred naira.

The exact fare I needed to get back home was about a hundred and fifty naira, but I decided to try my luck.

I called several bike men but they refused to collect hundred naira.

I just remained calm and collected.

Then this bike man came and I told him I only have a hundred naira. That I can’t be lying about it. If I had more than that I would definitely give it.

So he told me to hop on.

Jeez…it felt like I had won a million naira.

The thought of how this man had saved me from my misery couldn’t leave me.

I mean, I couldn’t have trekked that long distance – trust me.

I was just praying in my mind for the man for God to send help to him which I am certain he will receive.

You needed to see how happy I was.

I thanked the man and he left after stopping me at my destination – not even half way.

So you see…

That might look like “oh it’s normal now”, “it’s just a small favour”.

No, it’s not.

No favour is small or little.

It is not in the magnitude of the things but the heart that gave it.

That word of encouragement you received is not normal – you were privileged to have received it.

You wanted a particular amount but half of it was given to you – it’s not a right, be grateful instead.

What if your husband refuse to give you the money and shower you with all the love you are currently receiving?

What if your parent refuse to help financially even when they have the capacity to?

What if everyone you have ever known, will ever know in this world decides not to give you anything? I mean, can you just imagine a life without the help of men?

No encouragement, no love, no family, no hope.

But you have little of that – please be grateful.

Accept your current place with gratitude and forge ahead.

You know I love you always.

Till later guys



PS: Don’t stop sharing guys. Thanks for all you do.


  1. Blessing

    Nice one dear,your write up really moved me….. “Accept your current place with gratitude and forge ahead”

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Thank you so much blessing. I’m glad you’re here, and that you could pick a lesson from this post. See you soon.

  2. Manuel

    “Accept your current place with gratitude and forge ahead.” That summed it all for me! With the way you convey your thoughts gracefully and effortlessly, trust me on this, you rock more than a rock star.

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Wow….I’m glad you picked something Twinny. Thanks for all that you do. Smiles.

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