The Mystery Behind {Scattering to Arrange} & 4 Amazing Lessons!

Hi there,

It’s been a little quiet in here, yeah?

Worry less I haven’t been idle: campaign video is ready, YouTube channel created….been doing word of mouth too about the campaign.

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Okay, let’s get right into the business of the day!

Something amazing I found out and can’t help but share with you guys.

As I got back home from church on Sunday, I decided to do some arranging to change the look of my room a bit and to dispose whatever isn’t relevant anymore.

Though I was hungry but I had set my mind to do it, so I needed to finish up before sorting the food part.

The room was not scattered but it could look better than its current state.

So I started with reducing the number of cloth bags I have on the floor by hanging some and merging others into one bag (even if it meant giving out some clothes like I did before my birthday). You should try that! It feels amazing….someone is in need of those clothes you’ve refused to wear for like a year now. That shoe too needs replacement; give it out to give room for a new one. That shirt is old already, throw it away!

In the course of reducing my cloth bag, I had so many clothes on the floor and I needed to unpack, refold and arrange. Also, I threw some things that were no longer important in the trolley to just make sure everything there are what I’m still using.

Now follow carefully guys!

I was trying to arrange and put things in order but after doing the above, the room was looking disorganized. This didn’t stop me from continuing what I was doing. Once I was done, the room that was in a mess became beautiful:

  • It was looking bigger and spacious.
  • Looking better than before.
  • The cloth bags were neatly set on one corner of the room.

Amazingly, I was very happy! The purple carpet, curtains and wall popped out – the beauty of it came out (and yea, I love purple). Have you noticed this site’s color?

Where are we going with all of this? Just wait for it!

Having finished the room arrangement, something came to my mind. Initially the room was not scattered but it could take a better look. Also, in the bid to arrange I got the room looking like a mess and then when I was done the room was looking more attractive.

Then I caught something here:

Putting our lives in perspective – sometimes our lives looks good: zero worries, you have all you need (lacking nothing); everything is going smoothly. Seem as though you have a perfect life and it can’t be better than this. On the other hand, you begin to notice people around you and realize they are not at the state you currently are and you can have a better life than this. Then you begin to seek for improvement.

In the bid to improve from your current state to a better one you realize there’s a process in between – which is the “SCATTERING STATE”! It can be the process of changing or revamping.

Then I understood this – God deals with us this way often times. We believe we have the best life however He has a better plan. When He is trying to move us from where we are to a well enhanced living, our lives begin to look messy. Whereas the aim is to take us to a better place but we are oblivious to this! And because we don’t understand this, we begin to worry and complain about so many things and God will just be smiling, “I wish she understands what I’m doing to her”, “I wish He knows the awesomeness he’s about to experience”.

Yes, that process is not always tolerable but if we can endure it, the aftermath comes with joy and great testimony.

What is the lesson from this?

  1. The life you are living now is not the best you can ever have – there is more!

  2. You think your life is messed up right now but God is doing some arrangement.

  3. You need to take your focus off the problems and envision the great result that you’re about to experience.

  4. Just endure a little more because you’re almost there.

Zoe Family, let’s continue to press, we have a brighter tomorrow!

I hope you’ve learnt something from this?

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Love you guys!



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