My Experience on being instructed by the Spirit of God + Acting on Instructions

I had to share this experience here to not just encourage your faith, but to constantly remind myself also and put me in check.

Just yesterday I was having a sincere conversation with the Holy Spirit on how I just needed Him more and the desire to be consistent with my fellowship with God because activity doesn’t equal effectiveness or fellowship.

My service in the vineyard of God is one level. My real service in the place of fellowshipping with God’s word and meditating on His truth is another level. I mustn’t let one suffer for the other.

While I was having this meditation and discussion, boom I got an instruction on something different ( to sow a seed for business exploits in the life of someone I so much respect and follow. This is someone that even if I give 1 million naira it wouldn’t even scratch the person which I even don’t have at the moment to give).

Secondly, how will I even get the person’s account number? Will the person even respond to my message? All these thoughts came to me but I knew I just had to move with faith.

The next morning which is today, whilst we were having our prayer sessions the Holy Spirit reminded me again. Now I didn’t waste time.

I went straight to send the message and guys you need to see me right now. I’m almost in tears cause this person responded and it was just seamless.

I sowed what I had in faith and the single prayer line I got alone is like a dream come true for me.

What’s my take out from all of these:

  • There’s such a thing as being led by the Spirit of God. I know you know this but are you walking in it?
  • It is important to position ourselves to hear from God because He always has something to tell us but are we listening?
  • Don’t sleep on the instruction God gives you. Take step immediately because obedience in time is good and instructions and prophecies are timely.
  • Act in faith….you really have nothing to lose. Nobody can kill you. You either get a No or Yes. But if it’s God, He’s already gone ahead to prepare the way.
  • You don’t need anyone to hear God for you. He’s right there in you and with you. Just believe and obey. God is closer to you than you think. Let your eyes be close to His heart to daily know His yearnings and desires for you.

This is my experience and it’s humbling for me. It’s not the first time but I’m always in awe of God and I will never be familiar.

Now dear friend, go and listen to God cause He wants to speak to you.

I love you much.


Maureen Oseji

PS: Share with me if you have any similar experience or anything related. All your questions are welcome too.

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  1. Ilemobayo Mayowa Moses

    I was so blessed with this piece. Thank you so much for sharing ma

  2. Brian Onyedika

    Listening to the Supreme; the vocation of true heirs!
    This was the theme of our youth retreat some years ago in school, we came up with this theme after pondering and meditating on what we were really called to do as children’s of God.
    Reading this reminded me again that He still speaks to us, it’s our vocation to keep listening! Thank you Maureen!

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Wow absolutely apt. Thanks for sharing Brian. God bless you.

  3. Emmanuel Ndubuisi


    Just wow!

    That picture quote captures your entire message on this one, Ma’am.

    Thank you for writing.

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