Merry Christmas & An Intimidation Free Season!!!

Merry Christmas Guys!!!

Can you feel my excitement from there?

Of course you can.

Just in case no one has wished you yet, I’m doing that already.

One major thing I love about this season is how it brings family together.

People are either travelling to the village or coming back to the city….whichever way. Don’t forget to share these moments with your family.

And yes, the reason for the season is Jesus. Remember the act of love and sacrifice he showed us.

So while you’re eating your fried rice and chicken, making merry and enjoyments, don’t forget to show love to somebody (in cash, kind, gift) whichever way you choose to.

And in case your spirit is saying “buy Maureen a gift”. Oh come on! I’m so open to receive.


You would have guessed this is not all I came to say here right?

Well, you guessed right.

I know how busy social media would get this season. Everyone will be posting stuffs. And it is very easy to get intimidated at this point. Especially when you can’t point at one thing exactly you’ve been able to achieve this year.

We talked about having plans and goals and getting ready for 2019. So it’s ok if you feel you’re not there yet. But most importantly, have the mindset that 2019 will be better.

But hey!

Nobody post their failures on social media.

So, before you start judging yourself and giving one thousand and one reasons for blaming yourself for where you are currently – Take a glass of juice and be grateful!

Yeah, be grateful!

As for me, I would inhale fresh air cause I’m so not taking negative energy into the new year and I will enjoy my Christmas celebration.

Thank you for always making my day with your visits, comments and shares.

I love love love you,


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