Introducing Our Newest Addition to Zoe Blog + Pictures & Her First Blog Poem – Was Never A Christian by Nike Olabiyi

I am super, duper excited right now. Like can you feel it? Told you guys 2020 is really going to be filled with surprises.

See how excited I am….πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

While I nursed the thought of blogging to impact lives and sharing my journey in 2017, there was a picture I had in my head. That I won’t be the only one writing on this blog, and how it will be a space that will promote creatives, people who are inspiring in their own little or big way .

They don’t have to be popular to inspire; they don’t need to have big names to cause a change in their world. One of the reason we started Youngpreneur Series!

All of these big pictures has not come together yet, but I’m so glad to be taking these baby steps.

In that light, please help me welcome our newest and first addition to the Zoe Blog Family! Olanike Olabiyi. You will be seeing more of her poems soon. And need I say she is very good at what she does? Oh, I know you will love it.

Skipping the yadayadayada…….please read her first poem on Zoe Blog below:


More like using a knife to stab her back
All I did was BACKBITE
Downgrading her lucky shine
Not because I was jealous
But wanted what was hers

A fake smile for her insensitivity
Only if she knew how I laid with her preacher husband
She wouldn’t send me gifts through him
All in the name of being a spiritual daughter
Fallen under the drowned “ANNOYING THING” of her preacher husband

Making His temple, my body
As a source of income
For perishable goods
Putting on a garment of Christianity
Yet miss leading the unsaved
Oh I am lost in lust with the world

Go ye into the world to make disciples
Well, mine was the opposite
I made my disciples from the church
The more I did, the more I await the crown of the seas

I should have buried Brother John alive
I knew that was what I wanted
he kept telling me to change my ways
Not until I made him voiceless for the voice of change he offered me
Now he is out of those whose voices matter

Still very fervent in church
Not until I was told I am a Christian
I laughed because I never was
If this is a Christian Life
I never pray to be
If I can kill with words without living with a tag of a murderer
Then of what essence

If I can fornicate freely, and drink to stupor openly
Then where is my shame as a Christian

The Christian Life I claim to live
Still I remain unfaithful to the little things that matters
Even my faith can’t stand the test of time
I wonder which of my works will be tested in fire
The one I never did or the one I intentionally left undone

Yet, I was told he loves me regardless
Forgetting all my sins like it never happened
Still I keep falling and rising
Enjoying the world while it last

But with tears I write
God, if truly you breathe life into me
Breathe the moral Christianity you want from me
That I may be called to redemption and be far away from sin
So help me God. Amen!

Olanike Olabiyi

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