I Need Help!!!

Hehe….I know right!

That title seem scary?

Nothing to worry about, but I’m glad you’re here.

First off, I want to appreciate everyone who has followed my blog thus far. I always see your visits and all.

God bless your heart.

It’s been quite a season for me but we’re pulling through.

Thank you.

Let’s get right into a quick one.

I’m going to be really honest about this one.

Stop trying too hard!

Yes, I said it.

Stop dying in silence.

Stop carrying your burden alone.

Stop acting all strong but on the flip side you’re weak.

Stop acting perfect when you’re not.

Stop the over sensitivity.

Yes, I can be extra sensitive sometimes because I don’t want to trust too much, or believe that everyone has good intentions because not everyone does. But over sensitivity can blind you of seeing the right in people, or seeing how genuine they are.

We are all learning you know.

But my message to you is that if you need to seek for help – Please Do!

Trust me, I can try to make this post longer than this by probably citing some cases or scenarios, but No!

If you are reading this and you’re hurting so bad, or you feel alone, or you’re carrying so much burden on your heart – I’m here to tell you that all of these things would pass.

No season lasts forever.

However, you have to be honest with YOU!

Talk to that person.


Find solace with God.

Find your peace.

Particularly, please share that burden.

It doesn’t make you a weak person, rather it shows how strong you are and truthful with yourself.

This is so heavy on my heart.

Not your regular post, but I pray whoever this is for, he or she gets to see it.

I really do care about you guys.

Till later😘😘😘


PS: Please share. If you need to reach me personally, you can use the contact section or send a DM to my social media page.

15 thoughts on “I Need Help!!!”

  1. This is crucial…… And must travel far. It’s a message for the season and pills to many heart…. God bless your heart lil sis

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