How we rescued a runaway girl – Save The Slum Experience.

I’ve actually had several experiences with maids trying to run away from home cause I grew up in a family house where we usually get people to help and they keep running away. Why? I don’t know.

Despite receiving good treatment, some still aren’t satisfied.
The last one I remember was one help we got (a lady), way older than I am.
She stole my aunts recharge card pouch, hid it and then lied I was the one who took it.
I’ve never cried in my life the way I cried that night.
Eventually, we found the pouch where she hid it.
Maybe she pitied me and thought of how I would have been beaten mercilessly. Well, who knows?
Long story short, she ran away the next day to God knows where.

On to the main story.

While we were coming back from where we went to eat after the whole stress from the slum project, we saw two kids begging for money.

As part of what we do at save the slum(taking children and youths off the street), we decided to stop and question these kids.

Samuel, the convener of SSI then asked why they were begging, who their mum was Bla Bla..

Alas! They pointed to a woman sitting not far away from us as their mother. We went ahead to meet the woman and started asking her questions too.

We realized that the woman happen not to be their mum, but she knows them because she also comes there to beg once in a while.

Intermission – the story of this woman won’t be shared in this post cause it will make this post really long.

So just as we were discussing with the woman, we saw another girl asides the two kids we started with and the woman and her four children.

This girl doesn’t look unkempt as the others so what is she doing here?

We started another interrogation. She seemed stubborn.

Where are you going to? She said she doesn’t know. That she got lost.

Where do you stay? She doesn’t know.

Wow! Okay what brought you here?

She said she works for her boss and that her boss beats her too much saying she steals whereas she doesn’t.

Okay where are you from? She said she’s from Benue and that her Dad brought her to stay with her boss.

Just as we were thinking and getting confused with this girl’s situation, a lady stopped by and asked her, “Are you not going home? And what are you doing here? ”

Now this lady claimed she knows this girl and that she buys things from their shop. In fact, this girl attends to her each time she goes to the shop.

Well, the girl in question refused bluntly and claims she’s doesn’t know the lady.

Oh Boy! At least we now have a lead right?

OK, we told the lady to take us to the shop.

In between, the girl was reluctant, she didn’t want to follow us. That could only mean “something is fishy”.

If you got lost, why would you be reluctant to follow those that are trying to help you find your way home?

We ensured she followed us anyway.

As we were heading to the place, right in front of Mega Chicken Ikota, the girl stopped and we saw a tall looking elderly man staring at us. And he asked the girl, “where are you coming from? ”

This happen to be the man this girl stays with, the husband to the woman she helps in selling provisions.

Sir, we found this girl and she seem to be lost – we told the man.

Now the girl was feeling very uncomfortable, she was even boning her face (a 12 year old child).

So the man explained that he has been looking for her. She ran away from the house because they scolded her for always drinking up stuffs in shop and even throwing the litters in the compound behind their shop.

The man was very sad and bitter as he was explaining how they feed and clothe this child (she eats more than 3 times a day), she gets everything she wants but refuse to stop stealing and telling lies.

Remember I mentioned that this girl wasn’t looking unkempt. Her guardians were even roaming with a very fine jeep, looking everywhere for her.

We apologised on her behalf and thanked the man.

The man even said he likes children but this girl’s own was getting out of hand and he knows it’s a background issue.

Well, we were able to retrieve and help this child, but how many others are on the street like this? Countless!

  • When you have the opportunity to help please don’t hesitate.
  • Whatever situation we find ourselves, we just have to learn to adapt. I’ve stayed with several families. I know what it means to not stay with your parents. Regardless, you need to calm down and obey your guardian.
  • Running away won’t help. You’d just become homeless and probably end up in the wrong hand.
  • If you’re a guardian, please care for those staying with you. A little care, a little love.
  • Stealing and lying is bad. Seriously I know how it feels to want something badly and not have the capacity to get it. When you say the truth, you’d get people to help you. Even if everyone points finger at you that you’re lying, you’d feel peace in your heart that you said the truth.
  • Don’t turn a blind eye to the needy. I know you don’t have much but not everything needs money to be solved with money. It took only compassion to save this child.
  • Teenagers and youths, let’s learn now so we can give our children the best life and strive to be the best we can be.
I will stop here now guys. I don’t want to start getting too emotional about this.
I hope this would touch something in your heart and trigger a heart of compassion.
Till later guys!

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