How to Step into 2020 like A Boss

2019 is folding up and 2020 is crawling in really fast. It was just yesterday we wished each other happy new year and the year has become old right before our eyes. I for one can’t wait to get into 2020 already, cause oh my! This year was really a year for me. But you know how sometimes we really want to run from some things because of what we went through and you just can’t wait to put the past behind.If you are in this category – come baby let me give you a hug.

So, while I was having deep thoughts about every action, choices and decision, projections for next year, something came to mind – “it’s one thing to learn from all of the occurrences you might have had, both good and bad and it’s another thing to really pick those lessons, forge ahead and do things differently. There’s just this thin line between living in regrets and taking responsibility for what happens next in our lives. That explains the idea behind this post.

Whether you had a great year (you achieved all your goals and everything went as planned), or a rough one (you could hardly get by your plans), or yours was a roller coaster (you feel there was no visible change or growth and everything was the same old story) – we must all move and plan ahead.

So, long story shortened – thinking of how to step into 2020 like A Boss?

First on the list is………


This means an act of thinking about the past – that’s right! I’m literally telling you to think. I know you weren’t expecting that and yeah, thinking isn’t a bad idea when you’re thinking right.

thinking positively….

Engage your mind, use your thoughts, think about how 2019 went, what you could have done, what you did but shouldn’t have done. Just think! You don’t have to wait till 31st of December to do that. Grab a note pad and pen everything down, assign an ‘X’ sign to those things that shouldn’t repeat themselves and a ‘check’ sign to the good stuffs. Mind you, you don’t have to feel bad about the things that didn’t go right – you’ve just learnt how not to do things.

Second on the list is………


This means to examine and consider your own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. From experience, I’ve come to realize that there’s always a cause and effect for everything and every action which invariably is connected to our state of mind. Being rational is good but how often do we take rational decisions? Which is why it is important for us to examine our motives, feelings and state of mind.

We sometimes can make decisions due to pressure and still be oblivious to the fact that the decision was borne out of pressure.

Here are few questions that can guide your introspection:

  • Why am I doing this thing or taking this decision?
  • Does it align with my values?
  • Where will this action lead to?
  • Am I concerned about people or doing this to look all good and nice?
  • Are my actions borne out of love?
  • Am I a rational or irrational person?
  • What do I want?
  • Am I growing?
  • Do I have a toxic attitude?

And the list is inexhaustible. But the point is every now and then we need to examine our feelings and motive because it can affect our decisions positively or negatively. I will share my 2019 lessons with you guys soon and I’m going to really pour out myself. Like I’m screaming in my mind already. Some of my families that were part of the journey reading this post will understand what I mean. I hope you’re ready for it and I pray God really help me pass the message, but I’m glad I went through, I’m glad those phases came with a lot of challenges but here I am smiling and writing – cause I grew on them!

In summary, all I’m saying is just in case you’re still caught up in the hustle bustle, or sulking in regret of how 2019 went or you’re currently indifferent and not concerned, or you’ve become comfortable with where you are now – You need sometime to Introspect & Retrospect.

Y’all know I remain your girl and i’m sending Light & Love always 💕💕💕

Maureen Oseji

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  1. Precious O

    I have hardly read your blogs, I didnt know what push me today, but trust me, non of your stories will pass me by again cus this is damn inspiring, damn Good .
    Keep it up, boss lady

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Thank you so much Precious. These words mean a lot.

  2. Elvis

    The beauty about the things you write is that you always apply real-life scenarios… touching the lives of the readers…keep it up… retrospecting and learning the lessons are always key for me

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Wow! This means a lot. Thank you so much big bro. I hope to do better next year, and I’m glad you took something out from this.

  3. Manuel

    My pleasure.

  4. Manuel

    Love and Light, always! Never caught uninspiring! Thanks for this one, super woman! 😉

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Smiles….thank you very much Emmanuel. I really do appreciate your support and words of encouragement.

      1. Wale

        Nice piece boss lady. Pls when are you going to share the 2p19 lessons with us.

        Light & Love

        1. Maureen Oseji

          Wow! Thank you so much sir. I’m sharing 2019 lessons soon. Smiles. I really appreciate you coming here sir.

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