His Cross; My Crown by Nike Olabiyi

Undescribable love I guess
For a king to leave his domain full of riches and glory
Unto earth he came, despised, rejected and wounded
For the world lost sinner was he slained

Far away on the mountain top
Stood a wood of two straight bars bisected by the other
The emblem of shame, pain and suffering
On it was a man hung wearing the crown of thorns called CURSE

Wallowing in pain and agony
Through the wholly folly of man
Under estimated, he went through it all
That light may shine in the darkness of the heart of men
That all may experience the fullness of his grace

Crucify him, crucify him, crucify him were the words of men
Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing
As the king he was, he went down to the grave to collect what is rightly ours
That we might be victorous through him

Element of light shut their faces
They couldn’t bear to see there maker die
Access I hear, when the veil was Twain
That all may come to his presence the way they are

Earth! quaked, cause it couldn’t withstand it’s maker laid in it
Rocks cried, he can’t be buried in me
Dead arose cause life was given
Battle ended, cause it is finished

For in his death came my Dominion
In his shame came my Fame
In his pain came my gain
In his suffering came my glory
And on the cross, laid my crown.

His Cross; My Crown!

©Nike Olabiyi

PS: Take out time to reminisce on the love of God and the sacrifice He gave for the saving of your soul. Take out time to worship Him and thank Him sincerely.

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