Service to humanity! – Save The Slum {#projectlekki} + Pictures from Previous Projects

Happy New Year Family.

I hope we’ve been spreading love vibes around and enjoying every bit life has to offer.

One of the projects I got engaged in last year was volunteering for an NGO and the experience has been awesome.

Save the slum initiative is an NGO started by a passionate young man – Samuel Owa, with a contagious hunger to change the world and impact lives in the slum.

The kick off was with saving lives in the slum of Ijora badia in October 2016 and it has only been growing bigger with sponsors and volunteers like Wazobia Max  interviews, countless radio interviews, Pastor Richard Osannaiye and Pastor Nohmti Odukoya’s support, Ezugwu Chukwudi (husband material)  and Olive Emodi at Wazobia TV, Christable Nsude of Legal Series, Fimos Photography, and many more.

Another project took place June 2017 at Makoko which I was also part of. I had the opportunity to experience what it means  to save a destiny with just a penny.

You’d be amazed at the kind of environment our future of tomorrow are being raised. Many didn’t choose this life, but circumstances has played it’s part.

A child of 12 doesn’t know what school looks like, some have even subjected themselves to this life that it’s all they can ever have.

Even if we don’t have so much, we refuse to sit, watch and do nothing.

Your words can save lives, your time can, your money can, your little donation can put a smile on faces. Help us change mentalities and rescue the destiny of future leaders.

Join this movement and help us save lives : project Lekki is here!

You don’t need to have millions to impact. You can donate and support whatever you have: your time, money, gifts etc.

You can also contact via the social media platforms on the picture or get in touch with me here.

For donations:

Save the slum initiative access bank 0010579877

Thanks guys!




6 thoughts on “Service to humanity! – Save The Slum {#projectlekki} + Pictures from Previous Projects”

  1. This is really great. God’s grace will continue to strengthen you.
    I hope to be a part of it soon…..

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