Monthly wishes

Hello there! Here’s to December Wishes.

Happy New Month Zoe Family.

Yeah, I know it’s 7th already but trust me, the month is still very young. 
I have several drafts of unfinished blog post, I just had to find time to put this up.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but December is always busy and fun for me: from travels to visits, from beach outings to weddings, plus I get to start with The Experience – an interdenominational worship event.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than worshipping God (it’s what I live for).

Speaking of weddings: I have a chief bride’s maid duty for my favourite Aunt on Saturday (9th December).

Don’t worry I have plenty gist for you guys!

So this is me wishing you an awesome end of the year; happy new month and merry christmas in advance!

There’s every reason to be happy and to smile:

For life, joy, gift of family, friends loved ones; the gift of men and association, the amazing lessons we’ve been learning and the great things we are yet to achieve.

The fact that we’re alive is an indication that we still got a lot to do here, so be grateful!

It’s OK to not have achieved some goals but we still got some time to do so.

Don’t give up yet; no, only if you can hold on a little longer.

Let nothing take away your joy.

See you thought you wouldn’t make it this far but here you are, vibrant and alive.

Enjoy every bit of this season and keep your hopes and dreams alive.

God is working out something great for you.

Enjoy yourself with your family; make each moment count.

Smile at your worries, show them who the boss is.

Rise like an edifice!

Inhale freshness, exhale happiness.

Open your eyes to the reality that you’re a conqueror.

Live, love and inspire!

Wear your shoes with boldness. Yes, you are a go getter!

Have fun…. But don’t forget your values and morals (keep it godly!).

Do something that makes you happy. If you need to take yourself out, please do so.

Eat healthy and stay fit (even though I don’t know why I keep getting slimmer by the day).

Guys! Just enjoy every moment of this season and don’t settle for less.

Stay away from trouble, run from environments that will contaminate your peace and joy.

Just have fun!

Till later guys,

Kisses and hugs,


PS: Happy birthday to all the December born. I wish you the very best.

3 thoughts on “Hello there! Here’s to December Wishes.”

  1. “Rise like an edifice”…Hmmmmm…I receive that one for myself! Thanks dear. Permit me, I am dedicating this one to myself…I claim all things for myself by virtue of today being my birthday. Lol. Thanks again for reaching out!

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