The vision was so big, the idea was thrilling because it’s something I’ve never thought of before.  I mean I’ve never paid attention to that side of me. But this year 2017; everything I could think of and see is just about me starting a blog. I read several blog contents but my fears only increased. I had several sleepless nights; in the bathroom, during my quiet time, during lectures in school, all I was thinking of was a blog and ideas kept coming.

Even though I had scribbled in my diary of books I would write one day; the way to achieve that seemed like staring at a smokescreen.

Now when the idea came, I knew that this was a big deal; I mean I need to start doing a lot of reading, I need to sharpen my writing skills – writing is much more difficult than just talking, well I won’t be wrong with that statement because eventually when it was time for me to start writing down the whole idea about the blog it was just as if I had nothing in my head.

I would scribble several thoughts and eventually get confused because I had written so many things down that looked vague and I didn’t even know where to start from.

It was then I knew how difficult it is to actually write something about yourself- imagine a question like, who are you? Geez! So many sheets will end up in the trash bin all in the course of writing about yourself.

Well the hustle continued; I couldn’t think of something else aside the blog, what I wanted to write, how I should write it and at a point I started getting scared- the question of what if this is just a mistake? Can I really do this? Will people even read what I’m writing? Will it be impactful enough? Why don’t I face my academics (jejely)? But deep down in my heart I knew I just have to take a bold step and be blind to all of those fears if really I wanted to do this.

First step I took was to get the domain name ready, after this I started telling myself- OK, you are really in trouble o, there’s no backing out plus I didn’t even start with a free blog, I wanted something excellent not minding how much it would cost [it is first of all about the impact!], and I didn’t even have a laptop [lol] but I want to start a blog anyway.

I would literally go about with a notepad and pen just to write anything that comes to my mind. I eventually started right? And how did I overcome all the fears and worries?

Firstly, I asked myself is this what you’re meant to be doing?

Sometimes, we get inspired – especially if you had attended a seminar and you’re so motivated to do something daring without even asking the question above and after a short while the whole excitement disappears because you can’t keep up with what you’ve started and it becomes a failure. Well, mistakes are good; it increases our experiences.

A friend said ‘that you are having sleepless night over this makes me know that you’re meant to be doing it’.  Also I was nursing the idea for over 4 months until I was sure of what I really wanted to do. It shouldn’t have taken that long.

Secondly, I started talking with people of like minds. I spoke with Tirzah [an amazing blogger friend]  told her of how I am tired of absorbing, learning and not giving out and she encouraged me and told me of how she had gone through all of these too.  Note that there is nothing in life you want to do that someone has not done; we can only do it differently by being creative about it. So you have to learn from those that have gone ahead, it also reduces your chances of making the same mistakes they made.

Thirdly, I applied a simplicity principle: all of those ideas and thoughts that I had written that looked vague, I started simplifying them: Instead of taking it all out at once, I started picking it one after the other. Sometimes we worry so much about getting a particular project done at once, which in the real sense what we need is to be done with one and pick another until the whole work is complete.

Fourthly, I didn’t give attention to my fears – like I’m ready to make mistakes and learn from it. This choice for me is better than not trying at all.

I would round off here by saying: There are so many ideas and innovations that have not found expression because people refuse to take a step towards them due to fear of failing and making mistakes, for some its excuses, others; procrastination and the lives that are to be impacted are left at the expense of negligence and inability to be daring.

So the next time you think of not acting on that new idea you got; think on this.

Much love,

Maureen Oseji.

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Pps: I have an amazing gift for you (a birthday present!) -“THE CATALYST”.




  1. Bravo!!! Ideas are progressive discovery of our ignorance are bound to be broken at times, shaking the pillars of unknown and left to the initiator not to be broken.

  2. Wow!!! This is GREAT! God will guide you in every step of the way. You’re already on top, keep souring 🚀

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