Hearing God in the Details that Seem Little

I’ve actually had to try out several headlines before I finally decided to use this.

“Hearing God in the Details that Seem Little”

Getting back to the house, after a hectic day, I truthfully dozed with my phone in my hands. Meaning I have to sleep, but I felt it so impressed on my heart to share this little lesson with you guys which the Holy Spirit has been teaching me.

And since I blog with my phone, all I need to do is START, and then I don’t stop until I publish.

I promise not to bore you with a long post.

Did anyone notice I’ve been posting more on faith?

Yes, I got this instruction a while ago, but I’ve not been totally faithful.

“Maureen, increase your faith section on the blog” but I’ve been posting what I felt was appropriate.

Or you think I can’t receive instruction on what to post or share?

Yeah, that’s why we’re having this discussion anyway.

As little as that instruction might sound; there’s probably someone out there who needs encouragement in the area of faith and the more I keep posting lifestyle and inspiration, the more the person continues in pain, bitterness and struggle.


There’s a life tied to every instruction you receive. The earlier you obey, the quicker the intended blessing is received.

Did I mention the assignment might even be passed to someone else when you refuse to act timely.

The minute an instruction, an idea of some sort drops into your heart, there are a thousand and one persons who are also receiving same.

This is like a preamble into the main writing but that foundation was necessary.

So, I hear people say “something told me to, I just felt like, I was moved to” and we keep saying something.

At least, the something moved us to do the right thing.

First off, the Holy Spirit is a person not a thing. Also, scripture says “and the Spirit of God will guide you into all truth.”

Means that the Holy Spirit guides our heart, our intuition, our mind into making good decisions.

Many times, we feel some things are just too small or casual for the Almighty God to interfere. That we could use our human discretion to judge them, while God sees a better light or better way of doing things which we don’t see.

Due to our trust in our discretion, we do not listen.

I was trying to dress up for rehearsal few days ago and I put on a particular trouser and a top.

But I heard, “Don’t wear that!”

I smiled with joy knowing that God is actually interested in everything I do and how I do it.

God is interested in your lifestyle; He wants to teach you how to be excellent, to be decent, to be smart and good looking, yeah!

He can tell you things to do away with.

Another quick one…

I was cooking in the kitchen one day. Can’t really remember what now.

Then I heard, “reduce your Maggi intake.” For real!

I love Maggie! Especially Knorr chicken…any chicken flavour, just count me in.

From that day henceforth, I reduced every thing called Maggie. Then I even realized that some of the food I feel Maggie wasn’t enough only needed salt.

You see….

I have several other experiences like this but I’m sure we’ve learnt the lesson.

  • God is always speaking but we don’t listen.
  • He wants to tell us what to do and how to do it.
  • There’s a divine intelligence, for real!
  • You are guided sometimes and you don’t even know it.
  • You can ask God anything. Yes, He’s your Father.
  • God is so close to us than we imagine.
  • He speaks through little details.
  • We develop our hearing by consistent yielding and obedience to the little nudging of the Holy Spirit.

I’m always tempted to say more, but I promised this post won’t be too long so I’ll stop here.

But do take out time to listen to the inner voice that is trapped inside of you.

Give that voice expression and obey everything He tells you.

Those who hear God clearly has mastered this through continuous use and trust.

You know I love sharing my journey with you 😘


Much love,


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10 thoughts on “Hearing God in the Details that Seem Little”

  1. “First off, the Holy Spirit is a person not a thing. Also, scripture says “and the Spirit of God will guide you into all truth.” This is it!

    Just on Tuesday, I was heading to work and I didn’t want to be late. So I resolved to take bike which was faster and almost the same price as boarding a bus. But before then, my mom had warned me the previous day not to take bike and so did my friend. Before boarding the bike, it dropped in mind that saying “what something goes wrong and you’re injured?” I did as though as wasn’t the one He was talking to…about 5 to 7 minutes (if i’m right) into the journey I was involved in an accident that tore my shoe and ripped of the nail on my left toe!

    Then it came back to me that I was warned before getting on the bike. If only we can be calm and listen when He speaks to us we would avert so many destruction, making bad decisions or saying wrong things. I’m sure I’ve disobeyed more than I can remember and I end up facing the “mild” consequence, thank God for His love and grace.

    I pray the Holy Spirit will keep teaching us to be obedient when He speaks to us.

    1. Wow! Sweetheart, that’s how it is.
      I’m glad the accident is not more than that. Thank God for grace.
      If God were to be a man, He would have stopped talking to us.
      But His love is just so unconditional.
      Thanks, Lara.

  2. it is amazing how God via the Holy Spirit tells is us colour combination in our dressing, to our diets and our utterances. Maureen, keeping encouraging us with your words. Great job!

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