Finding answer to the “PURPOSE” question + My Personal Encounter.

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Flipping through my Instagram, I saw an article that Tirzah recently dropped on her blog and I decided to go through it. I was not just immensely blessed; it also got to me in the sense that the topic of discussion is one that is very important to our journey in life.

“Has anyone ever asked the question of ‘What am I on earth for’? Especially when you’ve tried so many things and you don’t find fulfillment doing them?”

Yes, it’s possible to have pursued a career that you don’t enjoy but you just do it because you must have something doing. I can imagine how frustrating and boring that can be.

I have been in that position where I started asking so many questions about my life.

  • Is this all of me that there can ever be?

  • Am I that useless?

  • What exactly am I supposed to be doing?

  • What really is my pathway to success?

  • Is this all that life has to offer?

Have you ever asked the above question? If yes, then that’s a step!

Well, I kept on asking and thinking of so many things I could actually do with my life.

Asking question is good, but asking the right question will give you the right answer.

The next question I started asking was, “What is my ‘purpose’ here on earth”?

It would be an error on our part not to have asked this question because it opens the path to so many other areas of our life.

What I found out is: this question cannot be answered by my parent, family, pastor or mentor; neither can it be answered by my friends. Even if they have an idea of what they feel it should be, it might be just a fragment. But the only place this answer can be gotten is from God – my creator.

God has our life’s blueprint and He holds and knows our purpose; we can’t fulfill purpose outside God and it’s beyond going to church, listening to messages or some sort; it takes a relationship with God (fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit).

Not that I have become all that I am meant to be; but through accepting Christ, knowing God and daily communing with {My Best Friend – The Holy Spirit}, I look back and I see a huge difference of how I make decisions in my life.

How did I get answer to this question?

  • I got it from God and the more I got closer to Him, the clearer it became.
  • Daily guidance by the Holy Spirit so that I don’t deviate from whatever it is He has shown me due to distractions and to be reminded of “Who I Am”.
  • Praying to God to lead me to the right place and to the right people.

Ever since then, I don’t only declare who I am, I also remind myself of my purpose.

Below are some of my declarations.

Don’t be discouraged if you already found your purpose but it doesn’t seem like what you really thought it would be – you mustn’t forget the place of process; keep going and don’t lose focus.

I know how hard and frustrating it can be when you are trying to find ‘your purpose’. I’ve been there! Our lives would be a lot easier when we allow God to order and direct our path.

Sometimes, we get confused by the achievement of others; the spotlight, applaud and recognition they receive and then come to the conclusion that they are fulfilling purpose. It is better to find yours and run with it.

Guys, even Pastors would split their message into series to preach “Purpose”.

I just hope someone out there learnt something from this.

Life is more than just going to school, pursuing career, getting married etc. Life is about fulfilling purpose.

Love you xoxo,


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