Few Lessons I’ve learned Pre & During Pandemic


No jokes but I know this was not the 2020 you planned for. Am I right? How many of you thought rapture was about to take place? Lol

I’ve been seeing lots of memes and jokes on social media about returning 2020 back to wherever it came from, how probably someone exchanged the wrong year for us in heaven.

Smiles…..as hilarious as that sounds, it really isn’t true. And there’s not so much we can do but adjust and wake up to reality.

I mean, 2020 was so anticipated: From lots of people fixing their dream weddings, government budgets and implementations, Olympics that I have eagerly been waiting for, etc.

Amidst all of these, I believe so strongly that 2020 is that year for:

  • Outstanding exploits
  • Expressions of hidden potential and talent
  • Dream come true
  • Unending peace and joy
  • Introspection, reflection and critical thinking
  • Getting overdue projects done
  • Daring and covering new grounds (the unfamiliar)……and so much more.

If you ask me, it has been my most fulfilling and fruitful year.

This year, February 13, 2020; I launched out Women of the Secret Place – “a community for women who desire growth and intimacy with God on their journey to becoming all God has created them to be (fellowshipping, studying & praying together” which the Holy Spirit had instructed me to start in 2019. Click here to join

God has instructed and we’ve yielded to host online conferences; bible studies and prayer meetings are being held weekly. All of these have been held online.

If you probably told me few years ago that I would come to this phase I would have argued with you. I sincerely hold the things of God with high esteem that I sometimes feel like I’m not even worthy of gathering people together for anything or championing a cause talk more of stewarding. But you know, this experience is teaching me a whole lot.

I’d like to say 2020 is my year of Learning and Yielding to God; Acting promptly to the instructions and leadings of the Holy Spirit.

Before now, I take so much time in doing whatever God lays on my heart and to be honest with you, some have actually been due to:

  • Fear of failing
  • Feeling of unworthiness
  • Not wanting to do what I’m not familiar with

Nonetheless, there’s been so much boldness and strength this year. Suffice to say I’m doing things afraid and not allowing fear rob me of my visions, blessings and dreams.

Pandemic or not instructions are being carried out and at a very swift and surprising rate for me….this can only be the grace of God.

What should you take out of all of these?

1. Hold nothing back. You don’t have so much time for lounging around and allowing fear have a grip on you. Do it afraid! Start that blog now. Write that book now (I’m also talking to myself). If you have to fail, please fail fast than prolonging your lessons. Just don’t hold back from trying. Take that leap of faith. You can do it. This is not some motivational talk….you really can do it.

2 Timothy 1:7

God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind.

2. Stay quiet with God and listen to the heart of the Father. This is really important as God wants to say so many things to you but you’re not positioning yourself to receive. I’ve been there and I’m still learning. It’s been one of my highlight this season.

3. Living by instructions and not by what you see people do. I sincerely want to scream this into your ears. My generation is guilty of this. I have also learnt that your authenticity and originality will help you stand the test of time. Before you DO please ensure it is inspired from an impression of the Spirit of God on your heart. Yes, learn from people, but there’s a grace that is released to you alongside the instruction of whatever God lays on your heart. This is so that you don’t exasperate and exhaust your energy on what is outside of God for you.

I will also like to add that:

Being led by the Spirit of God doesn’t mean you’re the first to Do whatever He is instructing you to do. God releases ideas to millions of His Children at the same time. Your promptness to obedience and unique personality will differentiate your deployment from that of another person.

I hope you understand?

Lastly, Purpose is staying connected to God. This is the place where you get instructed per time. The secret place! But don’t stay connected because of instruction rather for the love you have for God.

I hope this meets a need.

Love & Light❤❤❤

Maureen Oseji

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  1. Yes, this met my need.

    This eased my burden and got me delighted.

    Thank you so much for this .

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