Feeling Dissatisfied? Here are 5 Helpful Tips You Need

This is a little something for those who feel dissatisfied with where they currently are now.
You know I’d always share my experiences with you guys.

So there’s something I’ve been dealing with of late and trust me guys, it took only the grace of God and right association to bring me out and help me overcome it.

I wrote this few days to my birthday.

It’s almost my birthday and I have never been this dissatisfied about my life the way I felt in September.

I take birthdays very seriously, even though I don’t get to celebrate it, it just makes me have a rethink about my life and do some reality checks and calibration.

So I sat down to think and I was bleeding in my spirit because I have so many things in my head that I’ve not started doing, a lot of passion that I don’t even know which to leverage on first, dreams that are so big and I wonder how I will ever get there and so on…..

That feeling of “Maureen, there is more!”

I was really depressed to the extent that I called myself useless.

“Ha! I am not useless.
I have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and I am wonderfully and perfectly made, filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to do ten times better than my mates.”

And I know you’d be thinking:
But you have a blog where you’re teaching people and sharing lessons.
But you’re in your finals in school and soon you’d be working.

But you’ve been gathering so many experiences and skill that would be relevant for your career and future…..but, but…

Yeah! I know right. Nonetheless, I still didn’t feel good about all of these things.

There’s just so much to do! So much I know I can do!

I remember I felt this way sometimes last year and the Holy Spirit reminded me that purpose is not in doing but first in the secret place because that’s where our joy and satisfaction comes from.

So it’s not really in having a blog, being a graduate, gathering certifications bla bla, but in knowing where God wants Me to be and staying there and doing whatever He wants me to do.

Now I know these things yet I still fell into depression, I still became scared of my future and dreams, I still had doubt about where I am and where I’m heading to.

“It only shows that we are human and that we need to constantly remind ourselves of so many things because our mind can just wander away from the promise sometimes even after getting so much conviction in our hearts.”

Let’s not even talk about conviction.

I have been so convinced in my spirit about some things that I feel very elated only for my mind to remind me of impossibilities and I begin to doubt my convictions.

It’s a proof that there’s need for alignment between our spirit and our mind even in making certain decisions. Because except this happens, there would continue to be a battle in our mind such that we begin to look like an indecisive fellow or eventually just abandon our convictions.

This has happened to me couple of times but I’ve learnt to trust God to guide and lead me in the way to go and also get help because I can’t deal with some things on my own.

So, if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation; confused, unhappy, totally hate life cause you feel it’s unfair, scared of the future, tired of your current situation:

Here are 5 things has proven helpful:
  1. Pray to God. Sometimes we claim we are praying rather we are merely complaining to God. Does God not know our needs? Why do we need to tell it to Him again when he can just fix us anyway? Because we must come to that place of total surrender to Him that He’s the only one that can help and fix us. Prayer helps us to hand things over to God and let our worrying heart rest in peace and confidence. So I prayed with the believe that He always hears me.
  2. Hold on to the promises of God concerning your life (The word of God). When we can’t trust the word of God, how then can we believe in a future that we can only see in picture but have not experienced? Now I’m not saying it’s easy, but that’s the only shot. Believe the word, confess the word, make it your anchor.
  3. Seek counsel from mentors, spiritual fathers or mothers or friends that you trust. I know how indifferent you might want to feel about this but it is necessary. I know some people who don’t like letting people into their private space and I use to be like that, but to be honest, there’s got to be that one person that is for you. And you will know. The issue with not trusting who you’re seeking counsel from is that everything they’d say to you will seem like gibberish because you have a blockage in your heart already towards them.
  4. Cancel every thoughts of impossibilities that comes to your mind by bluntly speaking out. I call this vocal violence. And it always comes. But don’t try to fight it by being quiet or it will keep coming. Speak it to the atmosphere – No! That’s not who I am! I am a light! I am not useless! Etc.
  5. Believe in your heart that you can’t be wrong as long as God is leading you. BELIEVE! That even when your spirit says this is the way, you believe it is because you know it is God that is leading you. Believe that career can’t be wrong, the strategy is divine, this has to be your own timing,…. You cannot fail, I cannot fait, We cannot fail!

I know it’s easier said than done but trust me, this worked for me and I know it will work for you too.

God has the center of everything because He’s our maker and the blue print of our life is with Him.

So if we ever feel dissatisfied about our life, God is the only way out.

Not more certificates and whatever.
Once this is in place, you’d see that He would guide your heart to what is next then every other thing can follow.

I don’t know about you, but everything I’ve gone through in my life points me back to God.

This shows that without Him I can do nothing.
He’s our help at any given time.
So instead of straying away and getting into problems and running back to Him.
Why don’t we just remain with Him and constantly be guided?

Don’t you think?

Now I am convinced that there is nothing I want to do in life that God cannot instruct or guide me on.

I hope this helps you.



PS: If you’re struggling with anything, do drop a comment or reach me via any of my social media handle or mail.


  1. Elvis

    good work…as discussed …i also think people should do a checklist of their previous small wins (past achievements) and future plans…that way you are motivated based on wat you achieved; secondly, you can read books or listen to tapes of great men who also had their challenges and ways they boosted themselves to be better. also there are times u need to be away from every one or that familiar environment to a serene and quiet place where you can meditate on life and let God refresh you.

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Exactly boss. Thanks for your additions.
      Very thoughtful.

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