Do This 1 Thing in 2020 to Avoid Living in Regret

Hello People!!! So I lost my first draft of this post, but that didn’t stop me from rewriting. Although, I felt really bad at first, cause I thought I had written it as it was on my heart – the sentence and manner of arrangement, bla bla. And I lost it, not a first, but you know. Another reason I wasn’t too happy was because I ought to have posted this few days ago, and I couldn’t until now.

I’m sure you’ve been in my shoe at some point – I’ve had to rewrite epistles on social media platforms, sometimes, because I didn’t save the post and it wasn’t posted due to network error or something. Anyways, lesson is:

You lost it? You can start again.

Before I finally started blogging, I was waiting to have a laptop, internet connectivity, and so many other excuses of things I needed badly, and without them, I can’t blog. This was what I told myself.

I got the laptop, and damn! I couldn’t keep up, as it was draining my data like crazy. I thought it was auto updates, I tried putting everything off, nothing changed. 1 post; 1 subscription.

I was just smiling o, data was showing me shege…..😅😅😅

Someone even advised I downgrade from windows 10 to 8 or so, and I did, nothing changed still. Well, if you know what I can do to really minimize data consumption with my laptop, and you’re reading this, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Sorry for the digresssion.

So, I started asking myself why I have to condition myself to thinking that because I don’t have something, I can’t start what I want to do. And on the long run it wasn’t so much of an importance. Don’t get me wrong – I’m currently writing this post with my laptop and it is very efficient, but I can actually still blog without it. Doing the edit and posting with my phone, anyway.

Isn’t that how we wait for the best condition to start something? We want all the resources to be available before we launch out. This is good, but if we keep focusing on what we don’t have then we will never get anything done.

There are so many other ideas I get and scribble in my note pad – Maureen, start now! No, I’m waiting for this, I don’t have that, bla bla bla and this really has to stop. As much as I am talking to you right now, I’m also talking to myself.

Oh! let me give you a shocker. Have you planned on starting something only for you to delay on it, and see someone else has started it? Geez! I’m laughing right now, guys. It’s so crazy. All these bad character has to stop in 2020.

What is that 1 thing you need to do, to avoid living in regrets in 2020?

Use what you currently have!

  • Don’t wait till you get the capital for that business before you register the business name or start putting other things in place – you can start small. I remember when I started selling perfume in school, I haven’t even bought the perfumes yet, I already told people I sell perfumes. It’s actually a good marketing strategy – tested and trusted. Announcing and arousing the interest of your prospect. But remember, that means you must also deliver. You can’t afford to raise the hopes of people and later give excuses.
  • Let opportunity meet you prepared – in my case, if I had started blogging with my phone and then laptop came later, all fine and good. At least, I would have been sharpening my blogging skills anyway, and then having a laptop would be an enhancement.
  • Delete the “I Can’t”, “I Don’t” from your dictionary of action taking. You can! You do know what to do!

You guys know we are all in this journey of growth together, and I don’t hesitate to sharing whatever I’m learning.

So, this is my way of saying 2020 – We Dare Anything. This might be my last post for the year, (might) because I haven’t shared my 2019 lessons with you. I have it drafted, but to be honest, I don’t even know what to put first, what to say. Trust me, if I don’t post it in 2019, that will be our 2020 first post.

I love you guys so much. Thanks for making this little girl feel like she’s inspiring her world and impacting lives.

Thanks for always coming back here. I love to write you guys, even as hectic as work seem to be.

Sending my love & light as always💕💕💕

Maureen Oseji

PS: Happy new year, guys. Let me be the first to wish you that.😘😘😘

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