Diary of a “Desperate Girl”

Hi people,
I know we’re meant to be making the most out of December: doing what we love, enjoying ourselves and having fun, just so that we keep the joy flowing right?
We should be planning on spending time with our families, friends and loved ones just because they are precious gifts from God.
Well, I’d say I’m grateful to God for giving me the grace to be able to write still.
I’m one of those people who believe in working or doing something irrespective of whether you’re a student, graduate or an elderly person – no matter how little it might be.
I like people to be independent!

Aside the fact that I am Libra born (October baby) and being independent is one of our qualities, I think this is a mindset each and everyone of us should possess:
always thinking ‘giving and not receiving’, always thinking ‘independence and not dependence’.
This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t collect gifts from people; it’s just a personal ‘Value’.
As a student, you can reduce the financial burden of your parents and even assist yourself in case of domestic needs (you’d want to buy your cream, makeup, nice dresses… etc.), help other people too in meeting petty needs.
Well, there’s always a lot of pressure in this area especially for students whose parents are financially incapacitated.
And for this reason, we see and hear of people going to involve themselve in some sort of mess which they eventually regret.
I am also a student, so I understand perfectly well how hard this can be especially when you are surrounded by friends who have their needs met at a snap of their finger. Permit me to say:
All fingers are not equal, being contented with what you ‘have and don’t’ is a gift – an amazing virtue.
  • Yes, so don’t be influenced by what you see around you.
  • Don’t do things because everybody is doing it.
  • Don’t crave for anything outside your value system.
  • Always remember where you’re coming from.
  • Make up your mind to make your family proud of the person you’re becoming, especially God.
 All of these are preamble to what I want to share.
I’ve been involved in somethings latetly, and I’ve also learnt some lessons from an involvement.
But I know someone out there needs this so I will share.
I thought of taking a job due to the 3 month strike my school has been in order to meet some urgent needs, plan for next year and next session. So I started making enquiries, sending out my Cv, spoke to some friends.
Then a friend called to introduce me to an ushering job she was introduced to.
She told me about the pay and explained all I needed to know. This was her way of helping out a friend who needed a quick job.
I have never done any ushering job before! I even heard that they make girls do prostitution.
I got the contact of the lady, started chatting her and she told me the payment of a sum was involved for a 3 days event at lekki. I’m seriously laughing right now as am writing.
The payment for the job was a good one so I decided I was going to take it because I trusted my friend that introduced me to the job and she had already paid too.
I continued chatting with the lady and she seemed like a reasonable person. I also made the payment of the sum which was meant to be for the dress we are to put on for the 3 days event.
Although I was skeptical about it, but the lady continued to give me her word then I decided to trust her.
I have never done anything like it before so I was eager and patient to see the outcome.
Then the lady told me she needed more people for the job, that we are not complete for the job…. Hmmmmmm, I introduced some of my friends to her.
I requested for her twitter handle and added her. She also asked if I have a BBM that she usually send updates there (okay o, updates too heavy for whatsapp?). Who uses BBM in this age? I flamed my BBM back to life, we also chatted there.
Ignorant to the fact that she kept on requesting for more people for the job from my friends too and they were also making payments and the network kept on growing, she kept on getting rich.
Shout-out to the Gnld guys! Network marketing of life.
The day of the event came, we went to lekki – Grace event center, there was no event.
I have been duped! Black Lagos!
We called her number it wasn’t going through, she wasn’t replying her chat. We tweeted about it, reached the bank and police for help but all to no avail.
I know you want to counsel me right now but trust me I know what you want to say. So before you start saying eyahhh, hear the moral of this story:
  • This season is filled with so much love and deceit so you need to be very careful.
  • In Lagos Nigeria, everybody is desperate so you need to shine your eyes and be smart. If anyone had told me I could fall for this I would argue furiously, but here I am.
  • Don’t do anything out of desperation. You need your head to be in a right condition to think before you act.
  • People will tell you to trust them but they don’t have integrity so don’t trust anybody. Keep one of your eyes open always, even if they are trustable.
  • Give thanks in all things – good or bad.
  • Don’t involve yourself in a business with anyone whom you can’t hold physically in case of any issue or default.
  • If you’ve ever been mobbed or duped, the best you can do is learn from it and move on.
  • Be wise!
Now that my eyes are wide open (with my big eye ball), I still need someone to wake me up because I know am dreaming (I’m only consoling myself o).
Thank you very much for all the eya and sorries – I heard them in my heart!
I am still very resilient that nothing can take my joy or spoil this season for me.
Life happens! Lesson learnt!
Live, love and inspire.
Till later guys,
Ps: Save someone from falling victim of scam and fraud this season by sharing.
Pps: I am not sad I just decided to use a serious face picture because I am serious! Oh Lord!

4 thoughts on “Diary of a “Desperate Girl””

  1. I am loaded with every GOOD thing God has created to work out for me;
    I am an evidence of God’s greatness…;
    I am too endowed for an ordinary man;
    I am the diamond that the most richest person can never afford…I am not purchasable;
    I am born of God which automatically makes me His unique heritage;
    I am an overcomer, a chosen generation and light;
    I am and I am and I am and I am …

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