On Dear Singles: Answers to Yesterday’s Question & Misconception!

Hello Family,

Trust you’re doing great.

Hope the week is treating you nicely?

Let me put on my prayer garment.

May your path shine brighter and brighter and the angels watch over you wherever you go…Amen.

Thank you for taking out time to visit here again yesterday. Hope you had a good read?

And you’re reading again today…You are so amazing!

About yesterday’s post:

I received some questions regarding yesterday’s discussion and a friend also had a different perspective about it.

He said, “You sounded like you didn’t enjoy your last relationship, and if I were to be your ex I wouldn’t be happy”.

I had to do a lot of explanations bla bla…and I decided I was going to do a balance up.

Maybe I communicated the message wrongly.

Sorry about that.

So before we go into what I intend sharing today, let me properly explain some trivial issues on yesterday’s post.

Firstly, while I was writing, the message I had in mind was to help those who think being single is an abnormality, also to admonish those that think their lives depend on being in a relationship.

Secondly, I tried to explain reason why you shouldn’t go into a relationship just because people around you are in one; only and only if you know you are ready for something serious rather, focus on your purpose and how you can become a better person.

Thirdly, the relationship I had regrets over were the ones I was into before my last. My last relationship was close to perfectbut for several reasons (talk for another day), it didn’t work out. Just for the record: it was my first long and serious relationship!

Lastly, I tried employing every single to enjoy their singlehood and get busy with adding value to themselves and their ‘society’ (new addition though).

Was I trying to condemn relationships? No.

Is being in a relationship a waste of time, energy, resources and potential? No. Not when you are in the relationship at the right time of your life and with a good reason. As a matter of fact, the relationship is supposed to bring value to both partners; it’s meant to grow you and your partner.

I am only of the opinion that as a young adult especially teenagers: your dreams and aspirations, your purpose and goals should be your first pursuit. I have been in a position where I misplaced this priority and that is exactly my point.

Being in a relationship at a very early stage or at the wrong time will only expose us to unnecessary temptations and undue stress. Yes, I wish I had the understanding of this before now.

You don’t know how amazing and fulfilling it is to be in a relationship where you and your partner have purposes in track and help each other in achieving your dreams.

I like saying purpose this, purpose that, right? I mean! Why are we here in the first place?

Jeremiah 1:5 – Before I formed you in the womb I knew and approved of you as my chosen instrument, and before you were born I separated and set you apart, consecrating you; and I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

Note: That was Jeremiah’s purpose. Everybody is not called to be a Prophet, Teacher, Pastor, Evangelist or Apostle.

You need to find yours from God and run with it.

Now this post is long already; adding what I had in mind to it will only make it longer.

So expect another post tomorrow.

Have I done justice to the misconception?

If you have any question, you can drop it in the comment section or contact me directly.

Did I say I love you? Yes I do,


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    She’s done it again! Just as brief and concise as ever, yet exhaustive…in the typical Maureen Oseji’s fashion. Thanks dear. You’re doing great. This has gone a long way, I believe, in balancing your last post (at least for those who think it wasn’t balanced). Thumbs up!

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Smiles…what shall we do? We don’t write as long as the boss.
      I’m glad I was able to clarify the message.

      1. EMMANUEL

        And that’s because you’re better than whoever is the ‘boss’…especially with precision and effective communication! *winks*

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