Dear Single, {3 Nuggets} for a Purposeful Single Life You Need to Know.


All the single ladddddies….and yeah guys! *smiles*. I am very very happy because it’s been love love love all through this month in my church.

Have you seen the last post?

I had a very nice time in church yesterday, I was wishing I was married. And someone will be saying ‘then go and marry’ (like it’s that simple). Especially now that Banky and Adesua are everywhere on the social media. I almost didn’t know which of the event the actual wedding was. All this married people be displaying how sweet love is – We shall wait for our time.

If I am correct, I think you need to first be in a relationship, then receive a marriage proposal (be engaged) and eventually get married.

Ehm…real relationship not “test running” one.

Maureen, which one is test running again?

Yes I heard it from my Papa.

That relationship you enter and find out it’s not perfect, you dump it and enter another one and another, and it goes on and on.

Well done sir and ma! The last time I checked they don’t share money for being in a relationship. So why the unnecessary stress?

Why am I talking like a “SAINT”? I’ve been there, that’s why I can talk to you about it.

Plus I’m very much single and I’ve been into so many relationships but I’m still here (talk for another day).

Enough of the preamble!

From all the teachings and observations from this season, I have decided to share these lessons to every single out there.

  1. Your purpose should be number one on your heart.

I wish I knew this before now. All the time I’ve spent being in a relationship would have been used in finding my purpose and pursing it with every passion and energy I’ve got – who knows where I would have been by now. But like they say, “experience is the best teacher”.

We misplace priority by putting relationship first before purpose.

“If you haven’t found purpose and start fulfilling it, then you have no business with relationship” – Richard Osannaiye.  

Imagine Simone Biles who is now the best female gymnast in the world, who started gymnastics at the age of 4, shut out of everything called fun – was home schooled just so she could focus on her dreams and today at age 20 she is having all the fun she never had (including relationship) but the difference is that she has achieved her dreams and goals (countless medals, dominates every event and competition, has numerous sponsorships) – the sacrifice of 16 years of focus pursuing her dreams.

The truth is: Success is not a chance thing, there are principles; know it, apply it and it will work for you.

  1. Enjoy your singlehood!

We all love to grow up so quickly forgetting even those that are old envy our youthful age. When we leave this stage, we can never have it again and that is why we need to make the most out of it – ‘explore’. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but there’s this sense of freedom you feel when you’re not in a relationship. Travel, visit places you’ve never been to, go to cinema etc. Enjoy yourself but keep it ‘godly’.

My Pastor was talking to us about how he misses being single and when he got married he stopped doing a lot of things he use to do while he was single. His life literally is now lived for his family.

Personally, I love adventures! This was my visit to a Zoo in Abeokuta [OOPL]. I’ve spent 3 years in Abeokuta and I didn’t know a cinema existed.

These quotes are everything guys!

  • Enjoy being single don’t endure it.
  • Being single is a lot wiser than being in a wrong relationship.
  • She focused on God. He did the same. God gave them each other.
  • The best thing about being single? No drama, no fighting, no crying, no heartbreak, no confusion, no worries and no problem.
  • Being single today is better than being sorry tomorrow.
  • I’m single because I’m strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.


  1. If you must go into a relationship – Count the cost and know why you want to.

I pretty much started dating at a very early stage. When you get a lot of toasters and you almost say yes to all of them. Gosh! Where was my value? I mean having 2 boyfriends at a time was a norm for me. I remember the days of 2go and Ebuddy…smh at myself.

There was no sense of reasoning or questioning of ‘why must I go into a relationship now’? I realized all those things was just a waste of time, energy, resources and potential.

So at this stage, if you must go into a relationship, you must ask yourself some questions and be sure it is needed so that you don’t end up regretting and wishing you were single again. Well except you’re ready for marriage, but if you’re not – then save yourself some time for becoming a better person and increasing your value.

No one can force you to do what you don’t want. Live life delibrately and don’t settle for luck or less!

Peace out guys!

Much love,


PS: Don’t forget to share lovelies!

18 thoughts on “Dear Single, {3 Nuggets} for a Purposeful Single Life You Need to Know.

  1. thank you for your sharing great information. it’s the best post for us. I really like the post. this is the good blog site. good job.

      1. Lol. I will only pray for you for flattering me: “Dear LORD, I rebuke every flattering spirit from your daughter in Jesus’ name, Amen”. Now say “Amen” to that awesome prayer. #winks

  2. #BetterTogetherReloaded #versionforthesingles by Maureen Oseji:
    1. “Your purpose should be number one on your heart”;
    2. “Enjoy your singlehood!”; and
    3. “If you must go into a relationship – Count the cost and know why you want to”.

    You nicely summed all up in just three statements Ma. What a GIFT you are !? Thanks for reaching out again.

    1. I was actually smiling reading this.
      Emmanuel, thanks again for coming back to read.
      Someone has got to draw the lessons you know; it was fully packed for everyone.
      I should write for the married too yeah?

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