On Change & Transition: The Power of What You Become is in Your Hands

Hello there! How are you all doing? Good I believe. If you’re not doing great, I pray whatever you’re going through passes away quickly and that you find strength to endure your season and mostly importantly, may your heart desires be granted, and may you live in peace knowing God got your back no matter what.

I am certain that was for someone so let’s go to the main issue I want to talk about.

This post was actually inspired by a friend I met recently or should I say colleague and he had some nice things to say about me.

In his words – “You are really a well trained lady, cool and decent. Keep it up! Please don’t change from being a good person to a bad person.”

So comments like this from people, especially when made voluntarily without asking for feedback and coming from people who you just even met can mean the following:

  • That you are on track in terms of your attitude with people.
  • That you’ve made a good impression within a short period of time.
  • That our personality cannot be hidden and we can’t afford to live anyhow.
  • That you can’t hide who you are and what you represent and so we have to constantly Be Ourselves and be True to who we are!
  • That we need to constantly check ourselves – just as we examine our spiritual life and relationship with God, we also need to examine our daily living and how we relate with the world.

Having said all of that, I gave a response to him – ” The only change that will happen to me is that I will become a better version of myself not good to bad.” And I was really being sincere about this statement. Not because I wanted to be defensive or anything, but that’s the reality I choose and the power is in my hands to make that happen. How?


Whatever change or transition we experience is in our hands based on our choices.

Maureen Oseji

If I become bad it’s all on me. If I become good it’s also all on me. The reality I choose about myself is also on me. And whatever I also become is a product of my decision, choices and reality I believed about myself. Same for you.

Talking about transition – I think I’ve experienced a little.

  • From being clueless about what being born again meant to knowing and having a personal relationship with God.
  • From that girl who had no skirt to wear to church because all I had was trousers to having no trousers cause I threw it all away (lol) and started wearing skirts and gowns alone. Thank God for light and revelation and balance as I can rock my trousers with confidence and wear my skirts with boldness cause they don’t define my spirituality. A little secret ( I am more comfortable in trousers and even when I stopped wearing it at a time, I usually imagined in my head styles and how I could rock them with different tops) lol is part of growth jor.
Rocking my trouser and turtle neck with confidence😍😍😍
  • Also, I’ve grown from someone who use to keep secret a lot and box up emotions to someone who has become more expressive – I can even say to a fault now. But this has really helped me and saved my heart from lots of aches it used to have from keeping secrets and not saying my mind. I literally can’t sleep if I have something against someone. I’d apologize to you even if you offended me. It’s not because the girl is good but for peace to reign and save myself from unnecessary toxic burdens. Yeah.
  • I’ve also grown from a shy girl who can’t face the crowd to someone who loves the camera and can stand before a lot of people to talk, sing, anchor programs and even make presentations (there’s always stage fright o but it will all go away once you start talking or singing or addressing your audience, especially a responsive audience.)
  • I’ve transited from someone who lacks confidence in herself and depended on people to make choices for her to making choices myself and taking responsibility for them – either good or bad. It’s part of growing up guys.
  • That girl who was told she can never write to owning a blog and sharing my journey with you guys.
  • That girl who didn’t know who she was but now knows her unique purpose as it daily unfolds and she’s created to inspire the world, impact her generation and her words are seasoned with grace and as she writes or stands to talk her words transforms lives and illuminates the paths of her generation.
  • And so much more guys which some of you who know me personally can tell. I feel like every year I’m just a newer person and I love this journey as it is not hidden and I’ve not lost who I truly am even as I am growing, changing and experiencing several phases.

Let us take responsibility for our lives and action and choose to daily become a better version of ourselves without losing our unique identity.

I just hope this message was clear. I’m a girl on a journey just as you are. I wish us all the best in our endeavors and journey to our becoming!

Just a smiling selfie to show you how happy I am for you and me😍😍😍😘😘😘

Now look in the mirror and see how great you are. Ahn Ahn….I need a shade because this your light can blind my eye o. Lol. On a lighter mood guys.

Sending nothing but light and love.


PS: Tell me some transitions you’ve experienced and lessons you learned in the comment section. And make sure to share please. Thank you.


  1. Manuel

    “These words of yours will make good company for my journey.”

    Thanks for accommodating me.

    1. Maureen Oseji

      Smiles….I thought that was what you wrote before. It’s OK. We all make mistakes.

      1. Manuel

        Yes Twinny, we all do. Thanks for all you do. You’re blessing lives, and I’m one of such.

  2. Manuel

    “Whatever change or transition we experience is in our hands, based on our choices.” Now, that stuck like gum on paper. Thanks for this timely message. And I think currently, I’m on a major transit. These words of yours would make good company for my journey.

    By the way, where did you learn to write so well? I need some little brush up, a little here, and a little there.


    1. Maureen Oseji

      Hey Twinny, I’m glad this was a timely messages for you and you were able to pick one or two things from it. Thanks for always coming here, too. Besides, I didn’t learn to write anywhere, I just write my heart out. I am still learning, too.

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