A True life story – “Broken Desire”

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My life started changing from the moment I got freedom.
I grew up with my Aunty due to my parents’ absence from the country. We got separated because my younger brother needed urgent and special attention.

My sister and I started staying with my aunty, we were treated so badly but they never joked with our education.

Later my mum came back to Nigeria but we didn’t go to her because she wanted us to complete our education first. After my secondary education, I wanted to be an accountant, so my cousin enrolled me into the Institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). My tuition center was close to my brother’s house, so I was asked to stay with my cousin. My cousin’s wife wasn’t treating me well, she treated me like her house help

Wakes me with cane, beats me with broom, turning stick, slippers, etc…

One fateful day, I prepared food in the morning before leaving the house by 6:00am as usual. Unfortunately, the jollof rice I had prepared was too peppery.

When I got home after school that day, had my bath, on getting inside for me to put on my night wear, my cousin’s younger brother came to me and was asking me questions which I couldn’t answer. He put off my clothes and started beating me with the wire of an extension.

I sustained a lot of injuries, blood stains and swollen back.

The next day, I went to school and everybody was asking what happened to me etc…

After school, I returned to my mum instead of going home (my cousin’s place).

On getting to my mum’s place, my mum started crying and asked me to endure and return home. I listened to her and went home that day.

I had earlier told her I can’t continue staying with them, but she said I should call my brother and tell him when he’s back from work that I don’t want to stay with them again.

I told my brother as instructed by my mum, but he refused.  The younger brother continued with his bad attitude, I ran away when I couldn’t continue with my stay there.

I told my dad all that happened, he got angry and went to my brother’s house to pack all my things.

That’s how I started staying with my parents and was going to school

So… I gained my freedom.

Dad and mum were always going to work. I often slept in the house alone with my younger brother because my parents don’t come back home always.
I met a guy in school, who asked me out and I accepted not minding the fact that he’s a Muslim.

I was in higher institution but I don’t know anything about being a virgin

I didn’t know what relationship entails, I just wanted to be in a relationship because I hear people talk about being in a relationship, so I wanted to belong.

That was how I lost my virginity to a non believer.

Later, I discovered what virginity is all about but it was too late.  I decided to stay with him, so he can marry me. Everyday I preach to him thinking he would convert to Christianity, but he didn’t. I suffered in the relationship, I’m always ready to sacrifice my last dime for him.

He insulted me the first day I asked him to send me airtime, but I still continued with the relationship for about six years before I called off the relationship because he asked me to convert to a Muslim, that’s the only way he can marry me. He told me to convert after he had completed his NYSC.

I forgot to tell you that I didn’t date while in school, just because I had this strong feelings, we could get married and he’d change to a Christian, but all my efforts were in vain.

I continued my life without him but honestly, it wasn’t easy at first.

I met another person whom I accepted into my life, a devoted Christian, God’s favorite, a lover of God’s word, a virgin. He made me forget my past. I deflowered him during our relationship. We decided to stop the relationship due to the sex we had. For he had said that the foundation of the relationship was faulty.
So… that’s the bitter story of my life.

Guys, this lady had her own share and she has learnt her lesson.

Do you have an idea of how many people going through same?

Amazingly, I was writing something about ‘freedom’ in my journal before I stumbled on this.

When I read it, I knew I had to share this with you guys.
So I got the permission to reblog.

Moral lesson:

  • Don’t be so carried away by freedom that you forget your values and dignity.
  • Don’t be so anxious to be in a relationship – you won’t receive gold medal for it.
  • Don’t let your current situation put you in a position of compromise – stand your ground!
  • It’s OK to fall sometimes (there’s a lesson in it for you) , but please don’t remain there. Get up!
  • Always seek for help. You don’t know it all.
  • Your virginity is a gift, it’s your dignity, it is priceless. Don’t be ashamed of keeping it and don’t be careless with it.
  • Losing your virginity to anyone other than your husband or wife is a loss (that’s the truth guys).

What’s your story? Do you feel like ending your life because of a major heart break, let this story inspire you to keep keeping on.
Let not that disappointment be the end of your world. Why not run to the heart mender (Jesus) and get a brand new one?
Think about it, be wise!

Till later guys,


The above story is a true life story about a friend who wrote to @jpclarckcares.wordpress.com

PS: kindly share this with someone. It is very important.

4 thoughts on “A True life story – “Broken Desire”

  1. Hmmmm…. At the of reading this, I thought I asked someone to write a segment of my life for me.buh nah… It’s no longer a shame talking about my past to anybori cos it’s passed and now am happy that Christ has saved me

  2. More of this Ma. I know I’m not the only one this has blessed. Keep inspiring, don’t stop reaching out. It’s from here to the rest of the world. I want to believe that, so long as you continue, even my kids will read you…their generation will read you…the world will read you. Thanks for reaching out again.

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