Why “A Break” can be Necessary

Hello Family,

Happy Fabulous Month.

Gush I feel like a stranger here.

I still can’t believe I went off that long.

I’d like to start with an apology: I really don’t know how to say this, but I’m sorry for bailing out without dropping a message.

I can’t explain or give any excuses, but this is the last time that would happen.

Am I forgiven? You know you have to forgive me…. Thank you. You’re the best.

Where have I been?

Well, my school called off the 3 month strike and called for an impromptu exam we’ve been waiting forever for.

I practically didn’t have any break: had exams for two weeks stretch. It was really choking.  Plus I was out of data and that gave me more opportunity to stay off my phone and social media.

Still, that’s not an excuse.

Not because social media would be a distraction, but everything just happened as a coincidence.

Before I share what I have in mind, how have you guys been? I have missed you. I want to hear all the gist, everything I’ve missed. I promise I’d do same.

I actually left off with a draft of  ‘Save the Slum’ program brief but nothing to worry about, I will share everything with you guys.

Let’s get right into it.

So while I was away, I kept wondering if I was truly going to stay off social media or not blog for a whole two weeks. I mean, that’s a long time!

I also started wondering how I surprisingly lost passion for chatting and even staying online. Can a two weeks break do that?

I remember starting this year with so many ideas and stuff I wanted to do and write about. Yes, I will write about them. Yes, I’ve been working on them but off social media.

But then I realized how we sometimes get caught up in the moment of things (our goals, dreams and aspirations) that we forget to take a moment off.

Personally, I’ve always loved alone time, just to refocus and do some house cleaning and clear my head (that’s how it works for me). I don’t know how it works for other people but one thing is certain:

We All Need A Break Sometime!

I had books in place to read for the new year (I’ve been reading them though), think I shared one on my Whatsapp status and I remember hearing an inner voice saying “don’t throw everything you’re doing up there, don’t distract other people with your goals and whatever”.

We’re in the age where we literally post everything on social media… maybe not totally everything, but some people post all their life on social media.

I saw a post on Instagram of someone I respect so much. And she was stressed, tired, losing her joy but no one noticed because she was still posting fine pictures until she could no longer lie to herself.

My point is:

  • Let’s live a honest life this year.
  • Get help if you need to.
  • If social media is draining you, then stay off for a while.
  • Don’t be intimidating and distracting with your social media presence.
  • Don’t lie to yourself. Please don’t.
  • Don’t be deceived by people’s social media post.
  • Run at your pace – you’re not in competition with anybody.
  • Take time to think and have a rethink.
  • Don’t be all about just “doing”.
  • Appreciate whatever your friends are doing but don’t start comparing their success with yours.

That job can be draining – get a break to refocus. The journey is too far for you not to rest.

If you feel confused and seem to be moving too fast – it’s OK to hit the pause button.

Just ensure you’ve got it all together.

Remember it’s your life and you choose what to do with it.

This is my way of welcoming you to the new year cause it feels like I just started mine.

This year will be better by God’s grace.

I can’t wait to write and read from you.

Let’s continue this journey.

Much love,


PS: Thank you for your support. I saw you’ve been coming here to read while I was away. Let’s share and interact more this year: just drop a comment. Your feedback is welcomed.


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