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Ok, you’re here and I’m so excited!

My name is Maureen Oseji and I’m so pleased to meet you.

I’m a Social Media Content Developer, Freelance Writer & Social Entrepreneur.

I do voice over, host red carpet events, etc.

A 400 level Marketing student, 23 years old & I think I’m getting old already.

Lagos breed, the only child of my parent and I said that in my first job interview ….yea, I know “Who does that?”

I interned in a technology company as a Social Media Manager and a Quality Control Analyst which I’m very proud of because I really learnt a lot. I also received an award as “Sesewa’s Intern of the Year 2016”.

When I’m not in class receiving lectures, I would definitely be singing in church and when I’m not doing that too, I would be writing(songs, quotes, experiences, articles…etc).

Blogging for me is a newly found love; I have never considered myself a blogger until recently, but I’ve always loved communicating with people. I get a lot of [oh, you speak well!] but trust me, writing isn’t that easy.

Before now, I use to be a passive learner; I take a lot in: just keep reading and learning without actually practicing what I’ve learnt – I will share that with you guys soon.

Really, I’m just a simple girl on the journey to explore and make impact!

Join me and let’s have a ride!


Zo-ay’ is actually a Greek word which means ‘life or The God kind of life’.

I’ve come to realize that God gave us life, not for hoarding but for expression. And He expects that in our own little way we replicate this into others just as He has given.

Zo-ay’ is  an embodiment of “the God nature”: Excellence, Peace, Love, Honor, Identity, Intellect, Compassion, Wisdom……I could go on and on.

Zoe is a lifestyle/inspirational blog- where we talk about life generally; love, health, purpose, fashion, career, inspiration, in order to live a purposeful, fun filled & fulfilling lifestyle. I will be sharing few lessons I’ve learnt and still learning, as well as the experiences of other people, discoveries and tips not just to inspire; but to ensure upon every of your visit here you would be glad you came.

So, I have summarized everything into 3 categories: Inspiration, Lifestyle and Love!

This blog is not limited to any topic as long as it will impact people, change mindset and help us become a better person [suggestions are welcome].

"Errors are inevitable but can be avoided by learning from other
 people’s mistakes in making several decisions in life: business 
 decisions, career decisions, marital & academic decisions".

Okay enough of the yadayadayada! Let’s do this!

Once again…Welcome to Zoe Family!

Let the journey begin!


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