About Yesterday: “International girl child day”, Meet Abraham + Photos From Our Hangout.

Meet Abraham….

My name is Abraham Abk Kenneth.
Founder of A.I.M(Aspire Inspired Me) – “A platform for liberating and motivating people.”
Who am I? Some may ask…

I tell them, “I am a BELIEVER, I am someone who believes anything, everything can be done, as long as it is positive and with right thinking; nothing is impossible.”
I was invited to speak on “October 11″, which is the International World Girls day.”
As I was strategically thinking what I would say to these girls, nothing new came to my mind. So I searched for my old messages; it was awful not to have anything new. I called one of my crew [Stephen] and a blogger friend [Maureen Oseji], then we headed for the most prestigious girls school in Abeokuta (Abeokuta Girls Grammar School) popularly known as A.G.G.S

As I got to their mini hall, I saw their faces and realized, I never thought of the challenges a girl child could face. So I switched my message to theirs, by asking them just a question which is worth a billion answer. The question was:
I got different answers, some could not answer. Those who did, gave their own perspective of the world.
Here are few of their answers:
  •  The world is not a free place: we can’t be what we want or do what we want to do.
  • The world is a wicked place, filled with all sort of evil and injustice.
  •  The world is constantly changing.
I was amazed at their answers, I noticed some of the challenges these girls were faced with is that:
They felt they are being left behind. They don’t have the right to aspire or become who and what they want to be in life. They felt they had restrictions to height they could attain, things they could say and as a matter of fact that they are not important.

I told them, the world has changed and it will continue to change. I told them that everything they will begin to do today, will determine what they will become. I said, “BELIEVE” that you are required of the world, you are very much important.  For a girl to be FREE, she must first give herself freedom by skill acquisition and acquiring positive knowledge. I didn’t deny the world being a wicked place, but I told them, girls too can rule in this world. I told them “if the world is constantly changing”, then they need to change with it. Ideas and innovations rule the world, so they must acquire too so as not to be left behind.

Every girls has a say, they are not mediocre neither are they useless. They are helpful and are needed in changing the world to be a better place.

And that was how yesterday went….I posted on my Instagram page:

Every girl child deserves an education. She deserves the right to knowledge. Educate a girl and she will feed herself, her children and her community. Educate a girl, and she will build and transform her nation. Every girl child needs a mentor. She will one day become a strong woman.

My name is Maureen Oseji,

I am proud to be a girl!

10 thoughts on “About Yesterday: “International girl child day”, Meet Abraham + Photos From Our Hangout.”

  1. this is awesome……
    Every girl-child deserve nothing but the very best.. our place is irreplaceable, and every wilderness mentality must be wiped off our upcoming girls, to face the world strong and believe in themselves, as we do our best to undo all the negative perceptions their backgrounds or community has instilled in them..
    it is our responsibility!.
    Well done Girl friend..
    I am proud of you
    I believe in you

  2. Hmmmmm! I have learnt something again today… before u lecture, coach and advice a girl child ask her a question first and know her perspective to it. thanks to u Maureen!

  3. I am proud to be a girl and of the woman I am becoming. Thanks for orienting those girls, had it been I haven’t done major parts of my project, I would have used this as reference or source. God bless you and Mr Abraham👍🏽

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