BOOK REVIEW: (CHAMPION IDOGUN’S ANYONE CAN BE RICH) Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

Hello Zoe lovers. Maureen Oseji here. You know I love good books that isn’t just informative but can educate and cause a mental shift. On this note I recommend Champion Idogun’s new gem to you. I remember my first time trying out on book writing thingy, He edited and did my proofreading. So guys, check it out. You’ll love it.

This book is a timely production by an admirable young man, Champion Idogun, whose desire for creating positive impact in the lives of people is as pervasive as his clarity of purpose, focus, and poignant work ethic.

This is a book that educates and teaches in very simple and clear terms the rudiments of wealth creation. This work is a reflection of a young author and entrepreneur’s struggles with the pains and pangs of poverty and his breakthrough into a new world of wealth mastery and financial education via personal development, hard work and a burning determination to be rich, despite his humble background.

Anyone Can be Rich is a masterly work that unravels the key ingredient of wealth creation, with a concise and step by step guide. It reveals the indispensable tool of the mind and the thoughts of man, reminding readers that everything begins from a mental restructuring.

The first three chapters talks about the law of ambition, the law of energy, and the law of higher thinking, all latent powers from within that can be stirred, with the important tools of visualization, imagination, and optimism.

Champion Idogun addresses a world plunging deeper into the cesspit of distractions and counter time consuming materials like social media and other attractions pulling us away from income producing activities. Everything begins with ambition, and belief. Again the author, Champion Idogun joins his voice with that of great and timeless wisdom teachers, who has contributed to helping us with the rudiments of wealth creation, like Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, etcetera, that everything begins with thought, the mind, belief, imagination, optimism, and visualization. He masterfully teaches us how to harness our physical mental and even sexual energy to produce powerful results.

From the fourth chapter, Champion Idogun delves into more practical areas of wealth creation that comes after a right mindset: skill. We are in a skill intensive era, an era we call the New Economy, where information and the world wide web has made skillsets a priceless commodity. Champion Idogun reveals the need for proper skills to be developed as money is used to reward people with high skill capacity. He adds in the simplest manner possible, that skills are necessary conditions for wealth creation. Here, Champion Idogun distinguishes between skill and passion. Passion is good, but we must be careful to pay attention to only passions that are of strong economic value. This is because passion is a double edged sword that can blind and consume. Apparently, it becomes frustrating when there is no money. Make money so as to fund your passions.

Champion Idogun further talks about the miracle of sales as a very indispensable skillset if a man would be rich. Sales is a very key ingredient of wealth creation and a high income producing skill. Champion Idogun enjoins everyone to take control over their life.

In the chapter on the Law of Control, he notes that he who is not in control is in slavery, and anyone who relinquishes control over his life for the sake of safety may never be free to live the life of their dreams. Safe is the new risky.

This book concludes from discussing the law of clarity, stating that people should posses clarity of purpose and have a strong “why” in their pursuit of wealth and understand the money triangle and the equation for products, services and customers, all subsumed in the hypothenus, opposite and adjacent triangular structure of wealth creation. Through his little experiences as a real estate broker and mentee to the billionaire real estate investor Tade Cash, Champion idogun blends his expertise and fecundity of financial knowledge with his personal story of how from the scratch, he has grown within just 2 years to close sales in millions of naira and how he has begun an adventurous journey to live the life of his dreams. At 26, he is already on a mission of bridging the gap between the rich and the poor and unlocking the billionaire code.

Therefore he asks us: What is the world of your dreams? Dream wild. Dream so big and so ambitiously, and above all, take the necessary actions now to words wealth creation and financial education, because anybody, can be rich, no matter his/her background. You can be all you want to be. Start now, because time and tide, waits for no man.

This is an amazing, interesting, provocative and educative read beaming with the simplicity of money gurus like Grant Cardone, and the depth of technical knowledge of Robert Kiyosaki. When I started out with this book, it was so searing, that I could not put the book down until I had consumed the last chapter. Every information digested, dropped into my soul tenderly, with an admirable level of beauty, simplicity and grace, and equipped me afresh in my journey to wealth creation. This book is big money at our fingertips, a tender blessing. It is a masterpiece.

As a result, I will recommend this book for everyone anywhere who truly desires to transform their lives and attain financial freedom. Hence, this book is available for free download at the author’s website (



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