A Little Something For Your Worries

I won’t act like there hasn’t been days where I felt so unsure, confused, angry or frustrated. Times where I felt like I’ve been chasing shadows. Like my dreams are not relevant. Times I felt I don’t even know where I’m headed. The feeling of being stuck and useless. This is true!

You even encourage people but you don’t have it all together. Then there’s this temptation to give up all that you’ve built and worked so hard for, just because you don’t feel good about yourself and your result.

Then I wonder, “Why the whole stress anyway only to give up later”? I think we all need to ask ourselves this question in moments like that. These are moments we find ourselves and we don’t even ask for it before it occurs.

I could go on trying to make this post really long, but I’ve come to realize that it’s not so much of the words that matters. There’s so much information flying around over us today, yet people are still depressed. This doesn’t make us not contribute our quota, but i mean, keeping it short and simple for you to really get my point. So I’m going to go right into that one thing you need to constantly do when you feel miserable, uncertain, depressed, waxed out and cold.

BE THANKFUL!  or should I say GRATITUDE!

Now you’re wondering like, seriously? Yes, seriously! You think giving thanks is very easy? Then try saying ‘Thank You Lord’ in your down times. I mean. You would literally find yourself tearing up or crying out your emotions to God. Yeah! But it’s good to sometimes go to God like a little child in tears crying to the dad for chocolate. And the dad can not be so wicked that he would neglect the child for so long and not try to give to the child what he wants. So is God. Or can I say, God is even more compassionate than that.

I can’t promise you that you wont feel this way again even after knowing it’s not the best position to be. Or even after reading this post and pulling out of your mood. But one thing i am sure of; as long as we continue to count our blessings and thank God for them we feel peace and joy. We feel confident and forge ahead.

Scripture says, “our adversary the devil is always seeking for whom to devour”. See it in the light of the fact that depression, anxiety, worry, intimidation etc., is constantly after your joy. But you must not let it.

  • Be thankful for for life. So many wish they have this air you’re breathing. I’ve been so close to death once. And it wasn’t funny. I was stuck in the middle of a BRT and LT bus and they were both pressing Me against each other. Crushing my bones. My hands were on top of my chest cause I tried to push the moving LT bus but i couldn’t. I gave up and shut my eyes. And tears was rolling down. I couldn’t see anything. When someone rescued me I even thought I was in the after life or something. I walked out of that place alive. No pain, no injury. You think that was a joke. No, I don’t think so. Each time i remember that day, There’s been several occurrence, but this was major.
  • Be thankful for family. No matter how insignificant you think your family is because they can’t offer you the best life now. I bet you to try those people who have no parents or family. No one to show them love or support as such that you enjoy.
  • Be thankful for where you are.   Our inability to thank God for our present has blinded us of the hope for the future. We tend to forget where we’re coming from and that’s why we can’t be thankful enough. If you look back at the things that has changed about you, then you’d be grateful for where you are. Talk about your growth, exposure, knowledge, opportunities, etc. So many people are dying to have what you have, know what you know, or even be like you.

There’s so many things to be grateful for. This is just a guide to help you remember that gratitude is deliberate. It’s important I add that gratitude is not just for you to be saying “thank you” all the time.

It is a state of being. That even when you don’t have all the things in the world you remain contented and keep focusing on what is ahead instead of complaining. Cause you can say thank you and still be complaining. That’s not being grateful.

This is my way of saying,

Be thankful in your little!

Maureen Oseji.

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