A Little Something For Your {Fears & Doubt} + Pre – Series Launch Announcement

To conclude that every human being, after being motivated, would take giant or daring steps immediately would be a very wrong statement.

If not, after all the conferences, programs, workshops and trainings, majority in the world will be a millionaire by now.

No one can really say they have been able to master their fears. Or that they don’t doubt their abilities when they’re about to make some crazy decisions concerning their dreams.

Being courageous doesn’t mean absence of fear.

It only means that despite being afraid you took a leap of faith regardless of what may happen.

But what exactly are we afraid of? From my own perspective, I’d say:

  • Fear of not being right. But who says because you failed you were wrong all along? Failure is part of the process.
  • Fear of commitment. This one I am guilty of. Before now I hate to be held accountable for things because I hate to do anything wrong. I always want to be right. So once I know the success or failure of something rests on me, I’d just run away. I don’t want to be involved. But no one grows that way. A leader must be accountable. This I have learnt overtime.
  • Fear of people’s judgement. What will people say? How will they say it? Will they praise me? Bla bla… These things are irrelevant. It will only blur your idea and hinder you from stepping out when you pay attention to it.
  • Fear of not being up to the task. I’m not worthy! I can’t do it! I’m not old enough! I’m too young! Please, stop it. You are so enough.
  • Fear of being the one to do something first. This is why you want to do what everyone is doing. Cause you want to play safe. Be an inventor. There’s nothing wrong with doing something first. Set an example for others to follow.

As much as I’m talking to you right now, I’m also talking to myself. There are so many ideas I’ve received overtime that remained in my diary.

But I can sense God telling us “the time is now”

Enough of us being afraid. Enough of hiding under insecurities. Enough of running from responsibility. Enough!

This year is a year of Doing! And I know God has a lot in store. But it will take those that can take action to be able to execute or birth these things God wants to do.

So, if you’re doubting yourself, or afraid of stepping out – this is my way of telling you to please, stop!

It’s OK to be afraid but don’t let it stop you from stepping out!

Imagine the regrets you’d have seeing the same thing God told you to do being done by someone else. And this has happened to me before. But I have learnt. No more!

Brace up & step out.

I believe in you!

So, I’m going to be leading by example. By so doing, I’m glad to announce the upcoming launch of our series on the blog where we’d be sharing the stories of some individuals who in their little way, daily, are taking steps. So that we can all learn & be inspired to step out.

This series is tagged #youngpreneur

We’d launch by March.

Stay glued to the blog and my social media platforms.

We must all succeed!

I love you guys,


6 thoughts on “A Little Something For Your {Fears & Doubt} + Pre – Series Launch Announcement”

  1. Momma thank you so much for this little something even tho it’s more than little something to me…🙈 I really love every bit of words innit. More inspiration ma.

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