A Little Something for When Your {Dreams} No Longer Seem Relevant

One of the things that has been laid on my heart of late is “keeping my dreams alive”.

And it got me wondering and asking questions like:

Do we need to always have dreams?

What of all those dreams that has long been on our mind but hasn’t come to pass?

Are all those things not just fantasies? Am I not just fantasizing about irrelevant and unachievable things? Especially when your picture of the future is so big and you’re wondering, “How will I ever get there?”, “How will this thing be?”

Yes, makes me know you’re a normal human being.

And so many times we just stop believing in those dreams because our mind can’t think of the possibility, so we think it’s unachievable. We even begin to work against the very thing we once believed in.

But can I quickly tell you

That dream is not irrelevant.

Keeping your dreams alive gives you the following:

  • It helps you to build expectations for your life.
  • It helps you to build expectations for your future.
  • It gives you insight into the kind of life you should be living.
  • It makes you not settle for less even when you’re not seeing any result yet.
  • It also serve as a reminder that keeps you in check and on track.

The implication of lack of dream is that you would have no expectations in life.

You would just want to accept everything life throws at you and this is not God’s will for our lives.

I am aware that situations would arise, in fact you’d begin to sometimes experience stuffs that make you doubt if you are ever created to be great.

But all of these things are not enough or should not shut you out of where you are headed.

Keep those dreams alive!

If you have to keep staring at your journal, fantasizing about a picture of you doing something great. Please do!

My point is:

“Don’t lose sight of your dream.”

I know you’re at the verge of giving up, please don’t!

I know you don’t feel great about where you are right now, but just be diligent in your little. In due time you will see the result.

I know you sometimes feel like you’re the only one seeing that picture, but very soon people would understand it when it begins to materialize.

I know it gives you sleepless night, it makes me know it is relevant.

The world awaits you, don’t give up on you!

Keep, keeping on.

I’m cheering for you. 😘😘😘

So much love,


9 thoughts on “A Little Something for When Your {Dreams} No Longer Seem Relevant”

  1. I would keep my dreams alive..

    No dream in life equals no expectations in life.. This words got me
    Thanks so much ma,
    I was refreshed!

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