A little something for days you feel imperfect & want to lower your shine

Coming from someone who has been in a really low state and almost gave up on myself because I thought I should be perfect, and days I’m not I feel really sad.

I say – oh Maureen, not again!

To be honest, I even tried to run away from doing certain things, especially things I loved and know for sure I’m meant to be doing because I felt like I don’t qualify and I’m not enough.

I’ve called myself weak sometimes. I’ve called myself too emotional sometimes. I’ve felt really fragile and helpless. I’ve gotten lots of things right but I’ve also failed at some. I’ve been broken – I’d rather say gracefully broken.

You’re not alone and let me write this to you and me:

Don’t cave in because of your imperfections, errors or mistakes you’ve made.

Don’t try to lower your shine cause you’re scared of messing up.

Don’t define yourself by what you’ve been through.

You are loved baby.

Rise and shine.

Spread your wings and fly. Let nothing stop you. Take this love and embrace it.

Don’t try to qualify for it.

Don’t only shine when your acts are all together.

Days they are not, know that you’re human. Learn and then move.

Stop staying in the streets of regrets and self pity. Cry if you need to but get up.

Embrace the love of God and people who genuinely love you.

Love yourself enough to care for you and everything that is for your well being.

Don’t self destruct.

You’re beautiful just the way you are.

You’re handsome just the way you are.

You are God’s work of art and everything you are is intentional.

In your weakness God’s strength is made available for you. That’s why all the glory goes to Him and He sure knows how to show up in the nick of time.

Now rise like an edifice that you are and shine!

I love you with the whole of my heart.

Love & light💗💛💜

Maureen Oseji

PS: Please make sure you share this to encourage someone. Thank you.


  1. Olufunmilola


  2. Akinola Temitope

    I love this
    Nice write up ma’am

  3. Ilemobayo Mayowa Moses

    This was so a timely message.

    Read this over and over again.

    Thank you so much ma for sharing.

    This really worthy spending a whole day reading

    So blessed with this piece.
    Thank you so much ma.

  4. Bello Damilola Temitope

    The self love and self worth of a thing 🥰
    Nice write up ma’am

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