8 Reasons Why Motivation Seem Scarce.

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I am sorry for going AWOL on you.

I was actually preparing for exam which unfortunately did not hold, it has been postponed and this is like the second time it’s happening. Please put me in your prayers – the State Governor and the school management should stop delaying us with their unresolved issues.  *Rolling my lips*….it’s beginning to get out of control.

Yes! (Breathe in, breathe out)….let’s get into today’s business.

What I’m about to share is actually something I have also been through at some point and I believe someone out there needs this.

We were grouped in church on Sunday by my Pastor and we were asked to share with each other something that can lead to failure if you continue doing it (like a weakness sort of) and how we can come out of it.

A lot of things were being said and addressed, but I simply wouldn’t share all in one post for elaboration. So I decided to pick it one at a time.

Lack of Motivation

As easy as it can be to get ideas and start something without blinking an eye, it can also be very difficult to carry that enthusiasm all through without getting tired, alongside losing interest, especially when you aren’t receiving some sort of reward.

For example, a new business owner that is making little or no profit for over a year; you can imagine how frustrating that can be. This can even lead to the extinction of the business if the owner is unable to manage this frustration.

Another example is when you get excited to intern in your dream organization without being paid, only to start then you realize after a month you’re no longer interested and you begin to complain and grumble about everything. As a matter of fact, you can quit the internship and this would mean: no more skill acquisition and exposure.

To be sincere, this happens…like I usually say, “we are human”!

There have been times I don’t feel motivated to read my school books or even write anything, also times I don’t see reason continuing what I am currently doing.

Have you had your own share of experience?

Yea…I know how it feels.

There are many reasons for lack of motivation. It could be due to weak desire, laziness or shyness, and it could be due to lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Amidst all odds, you cannot blame other people if you lack the enthusiasm to follow your goals; you just have to pull yourselves together and fight your way through.

What really is Motivation?

According to Oxford dictionary, “it is an incentive or reason for doing something”, while ‘Reason’ is a motive for an action or a determination.

Motivation and enthusiasm manifest as desire and interest, and a driving force that pushes you to take action and pursue goals

Having said this, what then are the reasons for lack of motivation? What would make an individual start a venture and suddenly lose interest in it or be unable to sustain the enthusiasm? In another case, what would make someone nurture an idea, plan to take a step but eventually lose the drive to start at all?

  • Lack of faith in one’s abilities.

  • Fear of failure, due to failure in the past.

  • Fear of what others might say.

  • The habit of procrastination.

  • Laziness.

  • The feeling or belief that there are other important things to do.

  • Being too stressed or nervous.

  • Absence of enough stimuli or incentives.

The above mentioned are excuses for not acting.

Nonetheless, you need to overcome and disregard them, by becoming aware of them, acknowledging them, and understanding that you can change the programming of your mind.

You need to awaken motivation and enthusiasm by telling yourself, over and over again, how much you lose by their absence and how much you gain by having them.

Imagine what you can achieve when you set out to act on your goals with so much motivation and passion.

Yes, you need incentive and drive for following your big dreams, and also for the performance of minor daily tasks and chores. Otherwise, laziness, absence of energy and procrastination will set in.

Instead of suffering, feeling uncomfortable and passive, it would be much better to produce enough motivation to take action and do things.

This will help you feel much better, happy and satisfied.

Procrastination, laziness and passivity causes:

  • Unhappiness.

  • Weakness.

  • Lack of satisfaction.

Being enthusiastic motivated and active bring a sense of:

  • Joy.

  • Strength.

  • Power.

By getting motivated, you act, do things, take your mind off problems and difficulties and focus on finding solutions and achieving success.

So guys, there will be a continuation of this topic on the next post.

Let’s stay motivated and strong.

You have every reason to be successful and alive!

Much love,


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