6 Ingredients to prepare you for ‘An Awesome Marriage’ – #Chrislin 2017

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Am I the only one who thinks December is always super awesome and filled with so much excitements?

Seriously guys, life is a choice: you choose how you want to live it. It is never by chance; everything is deliberate.

So choose wisely!

In case you are wondering where I have been, you will get to know like soonest.

I mean I know weddings are stressful but try being a maid of honor and the bride’s sister then you’d know what I’m talking about (gist for another day).

Some of you might be thinking, “What does she know about marriage”?

Well you will be amazed at this one and I’m learning too okay?

A girl has got to equip herself you know! *wink…we don’t know when the time will be.

Let’s do this!

What is #Chrislin 2017 about?

That would mean Christopher weds Linda on the 9th of December, 2017 and that also mean they are the latest couple in town.

Linda Oduh before she changed to Ubaka is my favorite aunt who has attended so many weddings and we’ve been wondering when hers will be but it’s better late than never.

Sincerely I was happy for her. Aside the fact that she got married in her thirties, I was also glad she could finally settle for one gentle bros like that (Christopher).

Trust me my aunt is a tough one!

Now with all the toughness, she has gotten someone she could eventually say ‘You are my crown’ to.

Isn’t it amazing how we ladies encounter so many guys, do shakara and eventually end up with one? Same for guys too – during your bachelorhood, you live like you can have all the whole girls in the world but at the end of the day, you’d succumb to one.

3 lessons there:

  • There is a man or woman for you and you’re going to end up with one, no matter who you think you are or how good or bad you feel about yourself.
  • Don’t be anxious or become defensive; you will get married when the time is right. If it’s not happening now, it just simply means it’s not yet time.
  • Marry one wife (husband). I know what I’m saying o! Just think it through and count the cost (financial, spiritual, emotional and physical) you’d understand what I’m saying.

Wedding has ended. There was a lot of preparation, effort, cash etc. that has been put into it. People ate and they’ve gone. The excitement that was as high as a high rising has diminished. The whole noise and publicity about the wedding is over.

I know so many people want their wedding to be glamorous. You would give it your very best, wear the most beautiful gown, buy the most expensive suit, take awesome pictures, and invite dignitaries’ bla bla.

Yes, it’s the dream of every lady especially. I mean you need to see the hall – it was big, beautiful, fully air-conditioned, the walk way was so long and spacious for the couples and the aso ebi ladies and bridal train to do their thing. The cake was not left out (it was royal!). Drinks was everywhere like it was sachet water. The food – from jollof to fried rice, salad, ofada rice, yam pottage, swallow…phew! It was just everywhere.

Everyone danced and they were all happy even the couple.

The real deal now is the marriage.

So many people prepare for wedding hence forgetting to equip themselves for life after wedding.

Amidst all the excitements and jollification, I have managed to draw these vital lessons from attending the church service of my aunt which is very key for having an amazing marriage.

  1. Faith – As a new couple, you need to have faith in God and in your husband or wife. This will keep you going. Even in moments of doubts and storms, your faith in God and each other will help you rise above the storm.
  2. Bible – As a believer, you must never neglect the place of the word of God. You both need to make the bible your home manual, teach each other and study together. This will strengthen your faith and guide you when you need to make decisions.
  3. Prayer – This is very important. God instituted marriage and He knows everything you need to know. That is why you need to always communicate everything with Him. You will need Him at every point because your wisdom can not handle the pressure that your marriage is likely to face in the future. Prayer keeps your home and strengthens the bond of your family with God. 
  4. Love – There is a huge difference between love before marriage and love after marriage. This is my first time of hearing this too. You need to think love, say love, act and live it.                                     In thinking: your wife or husband is your number one priority, you think about each other first before anyone. In saying: you must say I love you as often as you can and affirm each other, appreciating the gift God has blessed you with. In acting: you must prove the love you profess.     I remember my Pastor saying before he buys himself a shoe, his wife and kids must have theirs. And for newly wedded couples, it’s just you and your wife so you have no excuse. If a man with 3 kids thinks of his family first before he gets himself anything, then it’s a challenge for couples who have no kid yet.
  5. Communication – This is not only important in marriage but also in relationships. There are relationships that are divinely orchestrated but end up in the trash due to lack of communication. You need to develop this no matter how tight your scheduleyou’re your partner should be your “gist partner”. Trust me, I have learnt this the hard way. You are not permitted to have someone you talk to more often than your spouse. You must open up about everything and anything. You need to learn how to be a talkative with your spouse even when you don’t feel like.

I know this post is getting really long but I promise this is the last one coming through.

  1. Learning to live with each other – First off, for every marriage there must be a leaving. The lady has to leave her parent and be joined to her husband; and the husband has to live his parent and be joined to his wife. One issue most marriages have is that: the man refuses to leave the parent and start learning how to live with his spouse and vice versa. You are two people coming together with different values and background; so you must learn to reprogram yourselves to your new reality or you’d begin to compare your new life to the way you lived with your parent – in terms of treatment, duties, love, etc. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but like they say, “Marriage is a forever institution – A university you never graduate from till death do you part”.

To crown it all, a friend shared some wishes:

Dear Aunt,

I thought of saying a wish

No, instead, my congratulations I unleash

You walk that path today, that aisle of love

Adorned with the purity of your garment like a dove

But I’m glad you are not alone on this walk

Your man, your God’s gift of a husband

The one who stands waiting

The same is your walk partner

I’m glad you’ve found a fighting mate

I’m glad you’re hooking up with a real man

Therefore, I trash ‘wishes’ and litter my ‘congratulations’

Happy Married Life!

From Emmanuel.

So guys, I’m dropping my pen here.

I just hope you read it this far.

Thank you so much if you did.

Hope it was educative?

I have other interesting gist for you (wait for it!).

Love you!


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