4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself On Your next Birthday!


Birthdays are notable days in which we were born; times where we celebrate and appreciate our maker for preservation of life. Despite the struggle at birth, we thrived and pulled through.

It is also a time to appreciate families and friends, loved ones for their daily support. Daily and yearly we are reborn – the way you were at age 5 is not the same way you will be at age 25.

With a lot of excitement and feeling of happiness in the air, people take out time to do something for that day to be special (the latest trend of throwing parties, taking pictures, hanging out with friends…..) or for someone like me that gets mixed feeling: happy and nervous at the same time.

But there’s actually more to birthdays than what we ascribe to it:

  • It is a time to review our lives.
  • A time to introspect (a process of self- examination).
  • A time to think and have a re-think.

You would agree with me that we ought to do this daily right? But the question is “DO WE”?

So, my friends took me out on my recent birthday, even though I had planned not doing anything – we took pictures, ate, I got feedbacks……But then I remembered a friend had his birthday the previous month and he did nothing: was at work all day. Well, it is not a crime to go out on your birthday right, neither is it a compulsion to sit at home. I mean, I’ve had birthdays I was literally sleeping at home all day. Nonetheless, both would have been a waste of time if we do not question ourselves and the first is:


When I say growth, I don’t mean physical but intellectual growth or for someone like me who will include spiritual. We need to take deliberate note of how our lives are evolving. There’s more information about this in the birthday present I promised –“THE CATALYST” (*wink wait for it!)


Yea, the purpose question! There’s no doubt that every individual is created for a reason however, it remains unknown until you begin to seek the right answers – and through those answers you begin to discover the direction and destination you’re headed.


Every man has several capabilities; also there are a number of capacities we ought to dominate and operate in – Media, Technology, Education etc. But in this side of the world, we see people that have interest in Medical line who end up in business and by the potential they portray, you ask them what are you doing here”? Personally, I love Media and Communication and should have studied Mass Communication but I am currently studying Marketing (but there’s a connection). Irrespective of where you find yourself, it shouldn’t be a limiting factor and stop you from pursuing your dreams.


This is very important for me! I see life beyond just acquiring; but giving.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” — Francis of Assisi.

Moreover, it is not until you have so much before you can give – it is more of the intent of the heart. That word of encouragement is enough; your smile, your penny, even living your life truthfully because people are watching. You will be shocked at the number of people who see you as a role model.

There’s so much to say, but I will drop my pen here.

Dear reader,

You are important and the world needs you.

Much love,

Maureen Oseji.

Ps: Don’t forget to share this, someone out there needs it.

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  1. Maureeen! I celebrate you this is most inspiring and I have learnt something great tonight thanks God bless you..

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