On Meditation: My Bus Experience

This is apparently one of the funniest yet fulfilling experiences I’ve had in 2018 and of course my entire life.
Such occurrence has never happened to me.
Before I go into it, how many of you can’t stand being in a bus where so many gist,gossips and arguments are going on?
And if you’re the type that likes to gist in the bus, I’d say it better be something reasonable and worth discussing. Or else, you’d have wasted your time that could have been used on something important.

It gets so crazy that some people even join in the discussion with others they don’t know and eventually begin to take things personal. Especially when people discussing don’t agree on the same matter of discussion; it would be a bizarre situation.

My question is:

Did Hades spray perfume in the bus?

Or can’t we just mind our business?

Do we always have to proof a point?

Most times I just laugh quietly in my mind because if I burst out laughing the way I actually want to, they would probably break my head or make me the subject of the next topic.

I could remember vividly a day I was talking with my mum in the bus and the next thing she did was turn to the person beside her and said (“abi”?).
She didn’t stop there, she downloaded all the things we were talking about to the woman and I was amazed like “Was that necessary mum”?

Enough of my preamble!

So I went to get some stuffs that I needed to cook from the market.
On my way back, after struggling to enter the bus. I sat quietly by the window side.
Then I started thinking about this year and plans I have to get busy with.
God was also laying on my heart a book He would want me to write and those words were just expounding in my hearts.
I was just enjoying myself.
In fact, I think I’d written 2 chapters in my head when suddenly I lifted my eyes to look around and guess what I saw?
I was at the last bus stop!
The bus had long passed where I was meant to drop off.
I could not utter a word.
I also couldn’t believe my eyes.
All the voices of people discussing in the bus was like an echo, I couldn’t hear anything, I was technically not in that bus.
As a good girl that I am, I came down quietly and started walking 5 street backward.
As I was walking back again, I was laughing in my mind and thinking of how am going to write this post when I get home.
It was really a funny one.

Moral of the story:

  1. Use your time and mind wisely. Even though it cost me walking extra, I have several ideas already and it gave me an experience to share. So it actually worked for good.
  2. Don’t argue inside the bus when you should be reading or meditating (I do this almost every time).
  3. Read online, listen to music, read an E-book you’ve long abandoned.
  4. When you mistakenly pass your bus stop, don’t start asking people in the bus or the driver. Just alight and ask people around if you don’t know your way. If you do know your way, just go home jejely. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Lagos folks ain’t that nice… They’d gist about you to their children at home and probably laugh at you right there.
  5. As you’re making good use of your time in the bus, don’t forget to tell the driver or conductor where you want to stop. Just in case you forgot yourself.

Hope you had a good laugh and read?

Been busy with ‘Save The Slum Project’. Would definitely brief you about it soon but it’s going well.

Catch you guys later!

Much love,


PS: Sharing is giving… Have you shared this post? Thank you cause I know you would.

4 thoughts on “On Meditation: My Bus Experience”

  1. Eeee no small something #lols
    Pick some lessons from your write up though
    More grease to your elbow

  2. Lolz# Makes me remember the argument we had in d bus we boarded home from Yaba (Bro Paul wedding).
    Nice one dear.

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